Goddesses Never Age

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Hello beautiful ones,

Our renaissance reading group calls return in September with Goddesses Never Age as our inspiring resource.  Here are some excerpts:Goddesses Never Age

The soul is ageless, and it’s an expression of the divine, feminine creative force of the universe.  The sacred feminine has traditionally been associated with darkness, the body, mystery, fertility, receiving, and the primordial soup–the womb in which all life begins and is nurtured.  Every woman is an ageless goddess, an expression of the sacred feminine in physical form.  Unfortunately, we often forget this in the onslaught of ageist cultural messages.  We need to be more aware about our culture’s negative messages about growing older and make a conscious effort to reject them. …

Our souls design many potent wake-up calls to get our attention back on track….

How much easier it is when we can become conscious about the desire to give birth to something new…

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