Heart2Hearts for the holidays

December Heart2Hearts special for my friends. – Anne

Everyday goddess community

December has so much in it — creatively, emotionally, and fiscally.  We look back and review a year of memories. …

And in the process, naturally come to preferences, thoughts, and desires about what we’d like to be different moving forward. …  There are some things we can do something about; others not….

I added some favorite quotes to my home page this morning, ones that have inspired and offered comfort; and some links for sorting and processing and preferring differently. …tools, I call them.  Life is easier with tools for the task at hand.

Blessings and much love. Breathe deep, hold, exhale.  A year holds many memories, heart tugs, delights, and defining moments.

I’m offering Heart2Hearts this month for some in-person quality-time creative dates, of toolbox sharing and desires of the heart defining and designing.  I’m in this with you…  2015 held much–emotionally, creatively, fiscally; 2016…

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