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A high-school classmate and her sister-in-law were in town.  Over lunch at a beach, we enjoyed catching up.  We spoke of many things, including my writing and   Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman .   I wrote it as a conversation starter about relationships and happiness… and indeed, it was that day…each of us more than half-a-century of life wisdom to our credit.
Both my friends had been married and divorced and were currently single.  When I asked if either of them had relationship rules to add, I was delighted when Cheri shared these three of hers.  They are and will for-ever be known as Cheri-isms:

  1.  I know what I bring to the table and I’m not afraid to eat alone.

  2. Your skirt must be longer than it is wide.

  3. Your pants are too tight if I can strike a match on your ass and it lights!

Oh my!  What laughter.  So appreciating. These were spoken from one seasoned woman,  secure in her own worth and being…to say nothing of being direct and colorfully memorable.  Love it!
It’s important to have them; it’s one of the ways we choose happiness for ourselves.  My writing is a conversation-starting point!  Download the ebook and begin now.
I offer private courses and group workshops… because, at the heart of relationships is our own happiness and sense of worth. … and we don’t always see our own.  Priceless.
Summer spirit retreats … take yourself on one.  Enjoy.  – Anne