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Fast-paced, information overload, so many marketing and sales pitches coming at us everywhere.  We have an incredible buffet of choices of where and how to spend our time and energy.
The thing is, we can’t do it all, no matter how attractive the offers, invitations, or whatever prize is dangled.  We all have a natural flow in our days, how we actively spend our time, and how much quiet time, down time, unscheduled time, our system requires to stay balanced and vibrant.

Counter Trends – Time and Energy

While the crowd teaches and engages in elaborate ‘Launch Programs’ to sell something and enroll participants–you see these everywhere–another segment of quieter types, creatives, light workers, and those done with the games are simplifying.
They are offering what comes from their heart to share. The invitation is golden. Their energy is fueled and ready.  If you want what they’re offering, though, you’d better act, because the offer goes away in a very short time if there’s no YES! to engage the offer.
They know their work is to make the offer, create whatever it was for them to offer–and then let go and allow…  Writers, artists, spirit workers, creatives… Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Big Magic and Julia Cameron wrote Walking in This World about this dance we have with Life.

If it’s not a definite YES!, it’s a ‘no’ for now.

And that’s a perfectly good answer.  Take care of your energy.  Follow your heart.  Be You … exactly who you are here to be.

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