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I Keep seeing AA’s …

in front of me….many, daily.  It’s not random; I’m sure it’s a divine nudge, a wink, a coded message just for me.  It’s time to share a resource to uplift women in AA or someone they love who is.

Free Feminine Twelve-Steps Resource

I’ve written and spoken about The Twelve Steps From a Woman’s Perspective before.  They’re pure feminine energy-medicine that empowers and supports a sensitive soul.   Earlier this year, author Patricia Lynn Reilly made a generous offer to allow her work–including A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective–to be shared more broadly.

I purchased the resource and permission to share with women I work with.

Ask and it is given.

Ask and I’ll happily provide a download link, Free, no strings.  In the spirit it was given, I’m sharing.

One part I’ve used often is called Respectful Distancing.  The concept alone speaks to our compassionate heart.  A lot is swirling around us; some are pot-stirrers; our spirit craves peace…and boundaries.  In this sacred space of our own souls, we are guided to restore our self and center with a ritual of respectful distancing.

A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman's Perspective
“A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective” Ask for your FREE copy.

Many clients already have one.   ASK if you’d like your own.

Blessings and bringing it forward with love.  – Anne


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