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Health insurance really can’t insure health.  Healthy daily practices are in our own hands mind body and soul.   Here is a personal invitation inspiration:

… the number one thing you can do for your health is to live joyously … (Christiane Northrup, M.D.)

3 Ways to Live Joyously

We can be motivated from love or fear.  Our media and culture likes to use a lot of fear… going directly against that good doctor’s advice above.  Try LOVE and living JOYOUSLY this time and see how it feels.

Here are three ways to do that:

Speak a language of Well-Being.  That’s a new (and challenging) concept for many.  It’s a language life coaches and motivational speakers use.  Facing reality can mean that we look at our present moment and notice and talk about only those things we like, that please us, that we’d love more of… appreciating beauty, kindness, a parking place just where you wanted, joy you’re feeling playing with you kids or getting out your paints.  Our mind, our thoughts, our heart energy, our voice, and our feelings are powerful living-a-life-you-love tools and conductors of well-being.
Read something that makes you feel good every day.  Personal growth, entrepreneurship, the arts, curiosities, humor, hobbies, fiction, nonfiction…  Trust what you’re drawn to.  I’ve usually got one or two going at the same time.    Here are my reads this year:  Traveling at the Speed of Love (by Sonia Choquette), Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail and … Play Grow a Greater You (both by Greg Kuhn), Goddesses Never Age (by Christiane Northrup, M.D.), Outrageous Openness (by Tosha Silver),  The Afterlife of Billy Fingers (by Annie Kagan),  Afterlives of the Rich and Famous (by Silvia Browne), What I Know for Sure (by Oprah Winfrey),  and Walking in THIS World (by Julia Cameron).   Eclectic yes; your list may be too.  The point is that what we read (and listen to) taps our natural loves and interests, and puts our mind on thoughts and things that contribute to our living joyously…every day.
Support your body’s natural state of well-being.  Help your body help itself.  Adequate sleep, movement, joy and laughter, love, and nutritious food…. Start there.
For me, essential oils are part of my daily support also.  External anointing, and internally with a small glass of an immune-support-booster NingXia Red.

You have the most vested interest in your health and well-being.  Own what you know is best for your body mind and soul.

Live your life.  Live joyously.  Live well.
I’m a passionate personal advocate in the language of well-being and living a joyous life.  I look forward to coaching you.    What’s in your high-level wellness interests for today?

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