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Mother Mary, goddess of catholics

If you grew up Catholic, you know Mother Mary held a special place in your heart–and probably still does.  She was the comforter, the one you went to with ease.
Our Protestant friends had a little difficulty with this.  “Why go to Mary when you can go to God, or to God’s son, Jesus?”
For better or not, our Dad relationship directly influenced our God relationship.  In our house, Dad was not the kind, understanding, loving type you went to when you screwed up.  Dad yelled a lot. And put us to work a lot.  Play and humor were not in his nature–or in our experience of him as children.
Is it any wonder it was Mom we went to when we needed to talk something out, screwed up, needed advice, or just wanted to feel loved, get a hug, or laugh a little?
As an adult, I understand more about my Dad and the sacred contract role he played in my life and values.
Mother Mary, Goddess of Catholics, was part of that.  Going to Mom, who would talk to Dad for us…  And being an  independent thinker too.
“Hail Mary, Mother of God…” a prayer recited frequently as Catholics.  The rosary was big (important) at Grandma and Grandpa’s house–prayed every day anytime we stayed overnight there…fifty Hail Marys.  I listen to words, to what I’m saying: “Hail Mary, Mother of God”… I heard it and recited it often.
A Mother of God is a Goddess.  I’ve been praying to a Goddess all my life–Mother Mary, Goddess of Catholics.  It was the most natural thing, going to Mom and to Mother Mary.  And while God–and Dad–might love me, they were not of my gender and really understanding of all the emotions and physicality that goes with that.  Mom was my go-to person for girl stuff.
Experiences shape us.  These were experiences that shaped my spirituality, my knowings, my path, me. Have I expanded those understandings?  Yes–and added to them.
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