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Humbled again …

I shared Monday Morning Light with my tribe last week, and a dear friend gently noted that 10 AM Central is actually 11 AM Eastern…

Oh sugar…  This is how I stay humble because the spirit of life has such a delightful way of playing with me…

So I corrected my post here and updated flyers, and know that once again, it’s divine light somehow working all for good.  And I let go of this ‘perfect’ thing and laugh a little.

It’s being myself, in all the interesting and quirky ways I am, that makes this life, my life.

It’s a Divine dance we’re / I’m in.  I giggle at these humbling reminders–that I am always a student–and also a teacher; that this life dance I’m in is a partnership…with one who has a delightful sense of humor and knows me well.

Corrected MONDAY MORNING Light CALL info:

When:  Monday mornings, 10 AM CDT / 11 AM EDT | starting April 2

Resource and Topic ListThe Fire Starter Sessions will start us out.  Here are our weekly Dates and Topics.

Purchase the book and Enroll  A preview of session four: answering ‘What do you do?

Fire Starter Sessions-LaPorte


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