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Women’s Writing Circle notebook.  July 25, 2018

Wouldn’t it be nice if I knew the perfect words to say…, and maybe I’ll just trust that they’ll come when they’re needed.  They usually do.
It’s not my job to worry about how they’ll be received or what somebody else thinks of me.  My work and role is to be me, to honor inspirations, and take note of messages and signs… like finding the book on Sunday, having a card inside with one word on the envelope.  Any other word, I could have put the book back.  With HER NAME on it, though—ding ding ding!  Got the book.  Gave it to Bri Monday night.
Opened the book; she saw the card.  I turned it over and let her read her mother’s name.  Of all the things that could have been on that card, it was her mom’s name.
Told her she’s on a journey I have never taken, but those in the book have.  Maybe it will be a reference resource along the way–for her brother and dad maybe too.
I love that she walks as fast as I do!  Look forward to more walks and talks.

What does it look like and feel like to embody and confidently live the divine powerful Light Being we / I came here to be?
Defining moments shift perspective.   Old Story – No Wallowing…. or staying there.
New Story – Most everything we’ve been taught to believe is solid, is changing — a lot more subject to creating and morphing through thoughts and energy.
I think of those magnets — invisible energy that moves steel.
Our energy — radiates and attracts those who feel and see it.  Be Yourself. Love Yourself. Trust Yourself. – Soul School – what we knew before and are remembering.

Are you a princess? I said.  And she said, I’m much more than a princess, but you don’t have a name for it yet here on earth. – Brian Andreas – Storypeople

Labels, words — gets in the way of just ‘Being Ourselves’ sometimes.  We didn’t care as little kids.
Summer spirit.  Blissful playing, imaging, pretending, creating.
Remembering, savoring.  I don’t want to miss Summer and days like this!

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