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I wrote an email I wish I hadn’t sent…. There’s no way to take it back; and in hindsight, I probably sounded like a self-important, pompous whatever, because written words can be taken in so many ways, especially when tha person on the other side is a virtual stranger and those words are out of context. Gut feeling was regret in tha middle of tha night. There was no way to recall a sent email hours later.

Can’t go backward; only forward. I don’t know how it’ll all play out. I think of Jana Stanfield’s song, Nothing I Can Do About it NowNothing I can do, nothing I can do, nothing I can do about it now.

So, moving forward it is, and reflecting, learning. I’m a grain of sand in this universe; relatively non-important in tha bigger picture of things. Yes, I have my role, as much a grain of sand on a beach does. There would be no beach without lots of individual grains of sand like me. I’m part of making something else more visible, functional, bigger. Humbling, sobering, grounding.

Can I make amends? If I get the opportunity, I’ll apologize and ask forgiveness.

Life-experience learning: So emotionally humbling, embarrassing. I don’t like that feeling. Trusting that somehow this situation works for good. Obviously, soul work for me here; stepping aside; step back. Awareness that I’m not a focus point. In this case, someone else was.

Sometimes, I am so socially awkward. No excuse; I screwed up. In tha bigger picture, this whole incident is probably a gravel stone on that beach, and hopefully it’s smoothed out to blend in rather than its edges hurting someone.

Blessings – Anne

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