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For your Heart, meaningful pursuits include contribution of leadership and service in any field of interest that inspires you to birth new paradigms of creativity, support, or well-being for individual, families, and communities.  (Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, p174)

More insights and resonance as I listened and followed along on the call last night; Mother Mary, Ascended Master, she’s always been a heart-connected part of my life.  I grew up Catholic.  So last night felt warm and familiar.
There’s resistance to following one’s destiny, to honoring one’s heart as higher wisdom over mind or logic.  It’s our heroine’s journey and adventure of this life to choose, to trust, to listen, to courageously go for the joy, to know our destiny is playing out by divine design.

If you don’t know how to begin to realign with the journey of fulfilling your destiny, remember that the treasure map of your destiny for this lifetime is within the Rose of your heart.  Your natural interests will always indicate which subjects or life projects are essential for fulfilling your destiny.  Destiny, as designed by your Oversoul, is living a life focused solely on creating the desires of your heart, with divinely orchestrated opportunities to collaborate with others in the areas of your most poignant interest.
Your destiny is designed to create a life for you that feels joyful, successful, connected, supported, loved, guided, and new — every day.  Your destiny has many predetermined goals, for both your personal and planetary evolution, but remember that fulfilling your destiny is to be enjoyed, celebrating every unfolding petal along the way.  Life, and fulfilling your destiny, is truly designed by your Oversoul to feel good and rewarding. …
Fulfilling your destiny is how to give and receive all the divine love you have ever wanted to experience in this lifetime.  It is the story of you remembering how in love you are with yourself, as The Beloved.  Fulfilling your destiny is also the story of discovering how much you love the gift of life and All of Creation.  The adventure of your destiny provides the opportunity to discover that divine love in new ways, every day, for a lifetime.  Your destiny was the best promise you ever made to yourself….  (Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, pp 174-175)

Our Heroine’s Journey

We all have one, or several.  Our destiny, our meaningful pursuits, come naturally, organically, and lead us to serve a greater good and collaborate with other in ways that feed our Heart’s desires.  And by divine design, we can’t get it wrong.
These are concepts of honoring Heart wisdom as deeper and higher guidance than Head and social constructs.
What’s your calling and the story of your Heroine’s Journey?  What’s your life all about?
More to come on this Heroine’s Journey story-writing project.

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