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Work in the Light; cozying-in after sunset. It’s that season when daylight hours are shorter and getting colder, and cozying-in feels good on so many levels. A season of endings and clearings, of restoring, reflecting, retreat, re-calibrating, and also creating, and open to inspiration.

In earth-centered tradition, it’s a new year beginning. Some of us intuitively feel a sense of letting go of what’s done, as leaves floating from autumn’s trees, creating blankets of color beneath. We’re led to going inward, looking back, and ahead. Writing, taking notes. What’s last year’s story? Harvest? Gift? What’s ours? What’s ahead?

It’s not really hibernating. It’s paying attention, listening to preferences and energy shifting; that when it’s dark and cold outside, I like being home and cozy inside. A cup of tea, cat on my lap, a good book or sappy holiday movie, maybe doing laptop work, or writing.

Some of these evenings I’ve lead book group calls–I like that all of us get to be home, cozying-in, and still connect with each other.

Daylight hours beckon being out and about: coffee in local coffeehouses, nature walks, writing and muse dates, and workshops, appointments, projects, kindred spirits, collaborative connectings.

And then there are snow days when everything stops, slows down, takes a break. Plans evaporate; and I’ve learned to let it be, to enjoy the gift of unexpected time, of Nature intervening for us. Staying home, savoring that much of what I do is mobile and can be done wherever I am; and that home feels good, warm, beautiful, peaceful.

This is honoring energy, spirit, instincts, seasons. How about you? How do you honor these months of going inward?

Enjoy and savor. – Anne

Goddess-Growing / spirit-centering this season:

The Artist’s Way book group calls (1st & 3rd Sunday nights @ 7) Details

Goddess-growing series at Kindred Spirit Center (1st Wednesdays at 1:30) Nov – Choose your Path and your story; Dec – Take care of your energy, tool for empaths; Jan – Spirituality, religion, and relationships. Each month has a workshop that includes personal fieldwork and a month of personal support sessions.

Wednesdays for Women to Write (Nov 20, Dec 18, Jan 22 at Unity Center in Milwaukee)

Learn more / details

Cozy reads:

Bella Grace is one of my favorites… or pick a favorite of your own.

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