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02/12/ 2013. … date I got as far as a title, supposedly with inspiration and intention to write more. Alas, sidetracked…

08/17/ 2020. Today, perusing a drafts folder for inspiration…and smile.

Between then and now, a delightful recent read on this topic, came into my hands. Author: Donna Freitas. Love her wit and words. Enjoy!

Becoming a Goddess of Inner Poise: Spirituality for the Bridget Jones is All of Us.

Playful and insightful at the same time, especially nuanced for Chic Lit and Chic-Centered sitcom fans. One of her early books, it turns outs.

More recent writings of this writer / author / professor / speaker –for young adults & middle grade and adult nonfiction–are definitely worth checking out. She has a lot to say, and offer.

2020 | 100 Years this Week

This week also marks 100 years; voice spirit words… ours–as modern women and goddesses of inner poise, one could say.

Be delightfully, confidently, outrageously, beautifully, happily, spiritedly YOU. – Anne

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