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Every conscious person I know is on a self-improvement path. Our innate creative, curious nature leads us to continue evolving, learning, fine-tuning.

Year-end energy, new calendar year approaching; how about now to decide who you want to BE next year; how you want to FEEL more often; what HABITS and clutter and commitments you’re ready to release; and what other self-developing ADVENTURES speak to you heart? It’s been quite a year we’ve all witnessed.

Resolutions, Goals

Most speak of these interchangeably. There’s a subtle, significant difference: A resolution continues, like a decision to take a daily walk five times a week. A goal is a completed result, like checking off a bucket list experience.

As we move into another year, we’ll be adding more words, like desires and dreams and creative pursuits.

Happiness Science, Spirit, Relationships, Self-Fulfillment

If more happiness and self-fulfillment is on your heart’s desires list, use now to start crafting your own happiness project. Gretchen Rubin wrote a book based on her own one-year experience. It’s a place to begin creating your own.

I appreciated how she includes happiness science, research, spirit, feelings and emotions, and relationship elements.

Also, since it’s been around a while, I found mine mid-year in a thrift shop, mid-year; so I started with that month, instead of reading from tha beginning. I was drawn by curiosity and as a resource, more than an active happiness project practice. I liked it and learned from it, though.

Protect Joy

Some have a natural set point for joy. I’m one of them and incredibly thankful–and also aware it’s a golden gift to be respected, protected, and used in service of Light.

Gretchen Rubin shares a prayer in The Happiness Project, where shield your joyous ones is among rest your weary ones; bless your dying ones; soothe your suffering ones

Our JOYOUSNESS is something to be cared for, loved, protected–for our own good and that of others.

Because, others, all, benefit greatly from Joy’s uplifting, pure, positive energy. When we learn how to take care of it–set and keep happiness boundaries, limit access, prioritize joy-restoring activities for self-sustainability–we thrive, along with others who need us. When a tide comes in, all boats rise.

Happiness Project Resources to Start

Gretchen Rubin’s book, website, and blog are a gold mine. She’s a researcher and student of happiness science, studies, writings, and experiences; she’s totally human and honestly self-reflective–flaws and all; and her book offers a structure to a very far-reaching subject.

Danielle LaPorte offers The Desire Map book and planners, and Fire-Starter Sessions for creative entrepreneurs.

Leonie Dawson offers full-color artsy Goal Getter planners…separate components for life and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Yasmin Boland offers Moonology Diary 2021 for someone interested in astrology and flowing with new-moon, full-moon, and planetary energies.

There are hundreds more. What feels good to you? Visit a local book store or library, give yourself plenty of time, and go with what YOU are drawn to.

Daily Inspiration, Support. offers a free daily message. I love them because they speak of how energy works, and how we create, and how Source works through us…ever-expanding who we are.

Oracle card decks. Pull a card daily or whenever you need a focus or inspired perspective on something. Choose what you’re drawn to. Some of my favorite decks are from Colette Baron-Reid, Denise Linn, and Doreen Virtue. Explore and enjoy.

Follow newsletters, blogs, and social media feeds of teachers your spirit resonates with. We live in magical times where connecting is possible so many ways. Here’s a Nancy Nicholas one on Happy Boundaries.

Live Private or Group Access

D.I.Y. is good; having a partner, catalyst, sounding-board is better for others. Coaches, classes, clubs, support groups, and memberships all serve a similar human need of in-real-life, live, people connecting.

Like shopping for anything, there are gems found everywhere. Explore, ask.

If you’re drawn to me, I offer Starter Sessions to find out what you’re looking for, need, and what I can offer. There’s a library of resources also–including most of those above. When we’re done, you’ll have a plan, a direction, and a sense of peace. There is a modest service charge; there are no sales pitches. (accessible, fair, and Golden Rule thing.)

Goddess-growing memberships are one of those gems, above. They’re versatile, flexible, supportive. You use them the way you want to. Some are growing their wealth comfort-level with a three-month Play-in Money Game that meets by phone bi-weekly. Others use their membership for monthly private coaching sessions on personal self-growing and or creative projects and or life stuff. You can also use a membership to complement a d.i.y. online course, giving you live conversations around any lesson topics or resources.

Whatever your personal happiness project looks like, you get to be you and feel positive anticipation about it; and the nature of self-improvement–from my perspective–is that you are already fine and good the way you are; this is shining the apple…adding more Light.

Choose happiness. Enjoy. – Anne

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