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Dissolving Her Despair, by Vivian Probst, now available on

The thing about buried trauma is that it doesn’t stay buried forever; Life wakes it up.

It takes place in Waukesha, Wisconsin. She is a successful bank president–at least, that’s what it looks like. She has a need to spend more than she earns, is deeply in debt, and is about to be found out.

A woman’s forgotten past is about to force its way into the facade of her successful life.
Financial wizard and president of Waukesha’s Prairieville Bank, Avery Victoria Spencer is used to high praise from raving clients–and its contentious companion, overt jealousy, (in the person of neighbor and local society columnist, Millie St. James).
But Avery’s unrelenting need to spend more than she earns sets her up for a very public swan dive into bankruptcy. Why can she take care of everyone’s financial problems, except her own?
A mysterious Englishman arrives in Waukesha and quietly opens a shop that caters to Avery’s extravagant taste, just as she prepares to renovate her house—and further stretching her spending.
George Robert Logan is Avery’s long-forgotten husband. He can’t forget what Avery can’t remember. Twenty years ago, a terrible accident stunned Avery into dissociative amnesia. George has tried to move on; but he can’t.
George’s return triggers an unconscious awakening inside Avery. Her silent cry for rescue seeps into her dreams, landing her to a medieval castle where a smart-aleck candle leads her to clues to solve her problem, which, she will learn, has nothing to do with money.
And that’s just Book One.

DISSOLVING HER DESPAIR is Book One of The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was.

I’m a fan, friend, and associate of this author. I’ve read and assisted in editing and bringing this book, and others, into being. I love her heart and soul and courage; her insightful writing in sharing her stories. I know ideas come when they come. For Vivian, it’s stories, and they’re incredibly inspired, engaging, purposeful, and entertaining:

For every major life issue she has faced, award-winning author Vivian Probst has been given a story—often in a dream—that unveils the root cause. Despair, weariness, unworthiness, rage, illusion about who she really is—these captivating fables have all led to triumph over incredible obstacles. In The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was, we journey to an inner world where all that is forgotten begs to be reclaimed. Book One is now available with four more to come!

And finally, when I saw this cover in draft form a couple months ago, it was a great surprise to see my name included on it; truly an honor, as well.

Early reviews have been wonderful. DISSOLVING HER DESPAIR is available now on Amazon, Kindle and paper editions. Get it today. Learn more about author Vivian Probst at Enjoy your reading.

Warmest regards – Anne Wondra

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