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We are all just fragile human beings doing our best…

Mark Philipsky

A quiet Christmas Day after day’s with family; siblings, mostly. We’re getting older; more gray, more life-affects showing. It’s always an unknown how long we have each other. I think of things I wish I had said or done differently afterwards. Waking at 3 a.m., wishing I had stayed sitting and listened longer to a guy who went through hard stuff this year. It was deeper into squeamish-stuff-for-me than I prefer. It wasn’t about me, though. Maybe next time–hoping there is a next time–that a better listener me is present. Wish I’d have offered a hug at the end, too. Maybe he’d have said no; or maybe a hug would have been good for both of us. Can’t go back, only forward. Next time…

With silver streaked beards and hair, and faces showing life’s wear, it’s evident we’re at or approaching a perspective-shifting life-stage, speaking of things like retirement, medicare, grown-adult children, grandchildren, thoughts of legacy to leave behind; surprised to be at this age.

I love these people, and especially youngers who stopped in to join us. We may not see each other much; I hope for myself that my relationships with each of them becomes better going forward into a new year.

We may never pass this way again… Love and grace and blessing to all. – Anne

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