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HEADTRASH by Renie Cavalari. What a perfect, powerful, descriptive word! Love it! This author and her companies have worked with tens of thousands of people over thirty years and here’s their finding: “The one thing that truly limits potential above all other considerations is mindset. How you think can set you free or chain you down. Mindset and its greatest debilitating factor, HeadTrash–known by most as negative voices in your head–is the single greatest predictor of performance, potential, and quality of life.”

Everyone has HeadTrash; that disparaging voice that crops up inside at such inopportune moments and has us second-guessing ourselves and or being less than we are. This book is an inspiration; a well-articulated, descriptive, timely, constructive, practical, and entertaining resource.

It not only identifies HeadTrash and real-people examples, it offers skills, knowledge, and experience to help and allow one to recognize their HeadTrash (as different from truth) and then dump it.

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