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Halloween Healers & Witches

Come sit for a spell; meet, learn from light worker, spirituality and healing women at  Kindred Spirit Center  in Waukesha.  Enjoy a hot beverage, some treats; feed your curiosities, ease your spirit. What if they think WE are witches?! It was a concern; so I’m ‘addressing that one, in case any of you have issues… Continue reading Halloween Healers & Witches

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Celebrating 7 Years

On April 4, 2006, three holistic women wellness practitioner entrepreneurs opened the Kindred Spirit Center in Waukesha–then called, Kindred Spirit Coaching and Wellness. Over time, the name was shortened; and  the people and place evolved.  I am an original co-founder; the others followed where their path and spirit took them–like all of us do. Kindred… Continue reading Celebrating 7 Years