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That ‘Madam’ Word

It’s been surfacing lately, the title ‘Madam.’  Maybe because one person always addressed me as ‘Madam,’ and her anniversary of passing is coming.  I think maybe she’s nudging me from the other side.  We shared a lot of life experiences, she and I; often parallel tracks; and having much to share when we reconnected. Perhaps… Continue reading That ‘Madam’ Word

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Wishes goals and hearts

“A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish” … and there’s Nothing Wrong with that.  For some, Goals Gotta Go.  (Shiny Biz quote from goddess Leonie.) Much has been accomplished by Wishes that didn’t have a ‘How’ attached to them.  From little things like a parking space opening just where and when you needed… Continue reading Wishes goals and hearts

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Why I Charge for Book Groups

There are some books that deserve to be not just read, but studied and applied. – Janet Golownia When someone studies a book, it is often in context with a course of learning. It is knowledge-seeking and understanding one is actively engaged in, compelled perhaps, that’s connected to one’s personal maturing and growth–or their entrepreneurial,… Continue reading Why I Charge for Book Groups

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JS Notes

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sunday, February 14, 2016 In BOOKS, a William Shatner memoir review of Leonard, a tribute to Spock. Did their original Star Trek series really run only three years?  It was a life-view changer.  Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov.  An inspired creation of Gene Roddenberry, roles, cast  and stories, and features… Continue reading JS Notes

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Goals Gotta Go

It asked: What are you going to Stop doing this Year?  And I wrote Goals gotta go!  followed by… It’s a corporate model mindset term and doesn’t feel energetically in line with my creative spirit and flow.  It’s a climbing-Jacob’s-ladder word and methodology, instead of a dancing-Sarah’s-circle one.  Dance, Play, Dream, Create, Write, Share, Experience,… Continue reading Goals Gotta Go

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Feeling pushed?…

We’ve heard so many pitches that after a while, they all sound the same.   Some are sincere; many are….only we’ve been scammed, solicited, baited, enticed, disappointed… too many times and we’ve become suspicious and jaded. We feel pushed.  And when I feel pushed, my instinctive reaction is to ‘stop,’ ‘dig in my heals,’ and ‘run… Continue reading Feeling pushed?…

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In trouble with email

The trouble with email is that it leaves so much to the interpretation of the receiver…without benefit of dialog. In dialog, there are voice inflections and stories that go with the message; an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and co-creating.  One can hear a smile and playfulness in someone’s voice. And those soft, relational pieces make… Continue reading In trouble with email