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Every once in a while, one gets to meet a living legend they’ve long admired and appreciated. One of those times was this weekend when I got to hear and meet Starhawk, author of the The Spiral Dance and much more since. It was a privilege to meet this beautiful wise woman, to hear her speak of what’s close to her heart now all these years later.
She has grown in wisdom and depth and her passion is the earth. She is a teacher, a peaceful activitist, globally aware and compassionate. She spoke of the spirit of the earth, permaculture, and goddess spirituality. For those unfamiliar, she explained that goddess is a metaphor for understanding the world and the processes of birth, growth, death, and rebirth; that it holds a deep awe and reverence for the everyday miracles of the life cycle. Nature is full of them. She spoke of principles that apply to our relationships, global relationships, our gardens and lawns, plants and animals, our health, and our local and global ecosystems.
The traditional, popular view says, If something is “bad,” kill it. Except, that doesn’t actually work; it breeds resistance…at all levels of plants, animals, cultures, our health, and global relationships. What survives the ‘attack’ are the strongest, deadliest, most resistant. The chemicals or other means of attack also do much harm to the soil, the groundwater, the rivers, breeds anger, fighting, rebellion, unrest.
The alternative view says, How do we create conditions more favorable to what we want? and in ways that will support sustainable natural processes. Whether that’s in our gardens, in our relationships, in our health, or in foreign policy. To know more about permaculture design and earth healing and maybe simply how to apply it to your window garden and lawn care this year, her books and her work are great resources, If you’re called to go deeper, to learn more, honor what you’re drawn to. Know it is part of your sacred path as you walk this earth.
It takes courage to listen to and act on what we’re called to do, to use our lives to our fullest potential. There’s a price to be paid; and there’s also a price to be paid for doing nothing. Follow, do, use, become, what empowers and inspires your heart. Who inspires you? What inspires you? Be the inspiration. Thank you, Starhawk.
Peace and blessing.

One thought on “Starhawk – meeting a living legend

  1. Starhawk is WONDERFUL! I met her at a gathering about 10 or 15 years ago when I lived in California. Some women just make indelible, positive impacts in our lives. Selena Fox is also one such woman for me; and you are as well, Anne. I’m blessed to have you as a friend!

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