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Autumn begins. And on the eve of this day I found a book of earthy seasons and celebrations on my shelf, The Grandmother of Time by Z. Budapest. To my surprise and delight, September’s goddess of inspiration is The Muse. I’ve been called a muse and feel connected to that word, to art, beauty, and creating. In mythology, the muses were sister goddesses with names meaning Song, Meditation, and Memory. Later they were the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who presided over various arts, with names loosely translated as epic poetry, history, lyric poetry, music, tragedy, religious music, dance, comedy, and astronomy. For me, this was good and uplifting to read:
Have you felt the hand of the Creator touch your soul as you gaze upon the colors in the autumn? Have you felt a poem forming on the tip of your tongue, or has the urge to dance come over you? Did I challenge you to a creative act–such as giving a speech–or invention–or maybe some lovely prose or a drama? Have you ever wanted to be on stage?
If yes, it is I who rule your heart, I am the Muse. My powers of inspiration are many-fold, not just nine. I appreciate it when a child of mine begins to enrich human culture with originality. I delight in that which is new and entertaining, because I am the greatest artist of all. I am the sculptress of the translucent crystal clusters and the designer of rocks. I painted the malachite green and the pearl silvery. It was my hand that dipped the ruby red and copied turquoise from the color of the sky. I carved the mountains into shapes of pyramids with snowy peaks, my winds made mounds and caves, my waters deepened valleys. Even the flight of birds and lumbering walk of elephants has been choreographed by me It was a challenge to make tall giraffes graceful, but I solved that artistic problem too.
I have hidden art in everything. In every act of creating art, you worship me. I will respond to you if you ask for my assistance. … All art proceeds from me. I am the true occupation of your species. You are all supposed to be creative and fill your hearts with beauty. …
Don’t forget; I feed your inner selves after your bodies have been nourished. I am the part of you that goes on to survive and take other forms. I am your invisible humanity, the divine spark you have been given to use, the light with which you shine. I am the truth as you perceive it. I am the teacher of higher goals. …
Free your weary hands and be creative, look at nature all around you, and receive inspiration from me. Now, in the season when I paint the leaves those brilliant autumn yellows and crimsons, don’t you long to participate in this ecstasy of beauty?
Follow your Muse and enJOY, Play, Create, Love it all!

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