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How much do you value that human interactive component?
Talked to one of my brothers yesterday.  He missed Christmas Eve at Mom’s Tuesday night because his flight was cancelled; a pilot called in sick, leaving Atlanta passengers to take alternate, later flights.  He made the most of it–dinner, a couple margaritas, and a few hours later and he was on another plane heading out…and got to sit next to a trainer and her two service dogs.  (Interesting people we meet along the way.) Dennis arrived at Mom’s just before midnight.
A most interesting thing he said, though, was that pilot-less planes would eliminate cancelling a flight like this.  Technology allows amazing possibilities….in the not-too-distant future perhaps.
And then the conversation turns to How does one feel about traveling in a plane without a pilot?  How valuable is that human interactive component?  (Personally, I prefer a pilot, in-person, flying that plane.)
Technology has allowed us to do, connect with, accomplish, communicate in ways we never dreamed of even ten years ago–to say nothing of a half-century…that both of us have already experienced and witnessed.  Den and I are both consultants, strategists,  avid readers, use technology, and travel–in very different areas of expertise.  He, for example, is a logistics and supply chain specialist.  Meeting with his clients personally, at their manufacturing plant or mining location, allows him to see the place and people he’s dealing with, have face-to-face conversations, and gather project-specific data and systems information, before he can make his recommendations.  A lot of good left-brain stuff.  Me, I’m a spirit-worker–a lot of softer right-brain stuff, and some good left-brain logic, entrepreneurial intelligence, and creative-thinking mixed in.
Great accomplishments come out of such collaborations–a family tree, for example.  Dennis took the family tree I created for a family reunion (and a few from history-keepers on other sides of the family), loaded it on to, traced it back to our European origins, and expanded on it.   (I love the inherited quirky qualities that carry through–left handedness, writers, teachers, interests in spirit and wood-working and design skills, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers; Den is into the history of places–what was happening in Europe at the time our ancestors lived there.) Occasionally, his business travels took him to locations near our family origins.  To look up a place on the internet is one thing; to walk the streets there is another…  We have interesting conversations.
So, back to the priceless value of in-person, human-interactive components.  Like many, I have just returned from two days of family Christmas quality time–laughter, stories, gift exchanges, love and hugs–soul food–with both my family and my husband’s.  I feel blessed.  These in-person times build connections, relationships; the real presents (gifts) are the presence of each of us in the same time-space together.  We have opportunities to really know each other a little better, as much as we’re willing to let ourselves be known…  And that’s a whole other interactive component… finding our voice…sharing who we are in a way that feels good, authentic, graceful, respectful.
A New Year begins soon:  Make  2014 a Personal renaissance yearincluding an interactive personal element–creative, energizing…in-person human interactions that bring out your best!  (and mine too) 
Choose Starters, Life Skills (special offer still on), a Package deal, Prosperity Pot, a Private Session, or ask about a full-year unlimited in-person spirit-worker retainer arrangement.  What motivates and works to support your gifts,  growing and high-level well-being best?   More.
Blessings and best of human heartfelt connectings.  – Anne
PS  What is a Personal Renaissance?   Here is one artfully done definition, and  habits one author believes could benefit all of us in search for our true calling and our desire to create a meaningful life and legacy.  In other words, we’re into powerful and pragmatic life-creating stuff together.

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    Hello goddesses! There is nothing like personally connecting to one another, live, in person, hearing one another’s voices… and I love it when we do! A new year is about to begin. I’m looking forward to connecting and creating more often together…because wonderful things always come out of them. Love and light… – Anne

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