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Winter Solstice 2013
The words Personal Renaissance, High-Level Wellness, Re-setting our Spiritual Compass,  float through these past few days.  An inspiration for an open-spirit wisdom circle too.   I take note and allow what comes…and notice what else already has come…and is growing.
I am reading The Architecture of All Abundance and The Holy Mother Mary is God; both came to me unexpectedly this month.  These are the inspired kind of reading that either excites one’s soul or upsets their spiritual compass.  They excite and feed mine…
I envision an open-spirit circle to share and talk about The Architecture of All Abundance.  There is deep, rich wisdom in this work…and abundance of all kinds is desired by and for all of us.  A list to invite has already been started.  Are you on a path of personal renaissance and high-level wellness in 2014?

Golden Rainbow of Joy angel

Golden Rainbow of JOY Angel
An early December Angel Author Sanctuary and Art print–A Golden Rainbow Angel of JOY– spoke to my space… and spirit.  I had to go back and get her.  She faces my desk and surrounds my work with a warm joyful energy.  Her message:

Experiencing more JOY is high on most everyone’s list of desires. The Golden Rainbow of JOY Angel tells us, “to attract more joy we must understand that every thing is occurring in perfect timing.” Rather than getting caught up in the drama of the “what ifs” and “shoulds”, we need to focus on being more “in the moment” and find peace in the knowledge of divine order. She reminds us that hurrying and trying to force things to happen is futile. Instead watch for the doors that are opening and walk through them with grace and ease. If an opportunity presents itself and it feels right, allow it, even if you don’t know where it will lead.

I’ve been honoring that.  And inspirations, in those books I’m reading, people, and grace-filled blessing moments that  are flowing in, through, and around me.  I’m reminded life is in the present; looking for, noticing, and welcoming joy in the moments; and allowing and opening to receiving it…and knowing there’s more on its way.  I am aware of shiftings, inside and around, and happenings beyond my orchestration.  The perfect frame for my angel, for example, came out of a spur-of-the-moment coffee shop text to my kindred-spirit-sister friend Kathy.  Ten minutes later we were together, and off to a fun adventure to find a frame.  And what-do-you-know, she had exactly what I was looking for and gifted it to me.  My angel print now holds the love and blessing of Kathy’s gifting energy around it too…in addition to all of its wonderful angel-infused energy.  Yes…  And a Holiday special if you want your own beautiful angel.
December 22
Snow day.  Beautiful winter wonderland snow-covered trees and roof-tops.  An inside holiday prep day.  Carols playing, coffee on–borrowed from Christmas presents, first round of shoveling done, helped package holiday treat gifts, sweet husband close by preparing more.  This time is a slice of heaven.  Last night was a slice of heaven: a hundred-mile road trip for a ten-year-old’s dance recital; family and extended-family time moments; and weather permitting safe travel back home.  Blessings again; embracing everyday simple joy-full spirit-of-magic-and-beauty things.
More soon.  These are sacred days and times.  Of gifting and love, desires of the heart and spirit, time with loved ones, winter magic and blessings.  EnJOY.  – Anne
PS  Tying in  Wellness (Spirit-Worker post) and Personal Renaissance

High-Level Wellness … growing your greatness.   I was trained in Total Youth Ministry and then Whole-person 360 wellness; and in between, corporate human resources and business.  I speak only the language of well-being, spirit-mind-body; social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, relational, emotional; word, worship, guidance and healing, justice and service, advocacy,  community building.  I was trained in all of it; it’s part of me, as is growing up on a farm, love of nature and animals and art, lots of brothers and wonderful men in my life, a sense of humor, soul sisters I attract and gather, a lot of love and gratitude, and knowing I walk my own sacred path like everyone else.   I’m a teacher and Spirit-worker and know I have great work to do–WE have great work to do, together.

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