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Eggs-heartWe are so much more courageous and calm on our own behalf when we don’t feel alone.

I perceive that many more are coming out of our shells.  That egg that was once our home, held the perfect conditions for us to come to life and grow…. until there came a time when we outgrew our egg-shell home… it had to break or we would die.  We broke our way out and found ourselves in a new world.  All part of natural processes.  To survive, grow and thrive outside our shell takes more and different nourishment …and courage and guidance, learning and support.
A great wave of conscious awareness is flowing in.
If you expect something, you get it. … When, is the great mystery, of course.   Still, change is happening much quicker in my observation. Our desires, intentions, and expectations are change agents; we are change agents,, co-creators.
We can affect things we’d be amazed by.  Ask Michael about affirmations and clearing warts off his feet…after a lot of much more painful–and some crazy–approaches.  Affirmations help us direct our intentions… first person, present, intentions, and expectations.
Everything we’ve been told and taught to believe was made up by–or an experience from a mindset of–someone else.
There is so much seemingly conflicting information, opinions, perspectives … truths… everywhere.  How does one ever find peace with it all, or any of it?  How does one face dragons outside the shell?  … and are they dragons to fear? or befriend?
This is spirit work…at least it’s my spirit work–feeding, protecting, freeing, and supporting spirits who have outgrown and come out of their shell.  I see their spirit wings and know they are destined to fly.  And I help those who ask.
I had pet pigeons once, white doves and multicolored homing pigeons and rollers–and I delighted in seeing them fly free…and also loved that some would fly down from the rooftop and eat out of my hand.  Hold on with an open hand.
Getting through all of the confusion and conflicting beliefs to peace…  I can show you how …  Not what to believe; rather, how to find clarity and certainty for yourself, instead–a set of spirit-feeding-and-freeing tools to make it easier.
A week of reflection and feathers.
On Monday I shared how to prevent overwhelm:  Choose your ‘filters’… Follow hire read listen to sources who have already sifted through minutia, and who bring you only what soothes and grows your spirit. …so you leave feeling peaceful, recharged instead.
Wednesday,  one of my filters suggested a core energy / focus was missing from what I do; that from the outside, one does not see how all the pieces fit together. …  A white wing and feathers spread out.
Sometimes filters–coaches–do not leave us feeling peaceful.   Sometimes, they are catalysts to growing, discovering our own peace (wings) and freeing them, instead. …
Right after, though, that same morning, an unexpected angel stopped by, one I trust with my heart and soul, and we talked through all of it–both of us, working with each other; kindred spirits on parallel paths.  Feeling better; doing my own soul searching….
A scattered life, a scattered appearance.  Does it all fit together?

We’re doing God-work together, you and I.

It’s a process.  Life is always a work-in-progress…  I’m on this self-discovering, soul-and-life-evolving journey too.  I start with what I have figured out, and know for sure.

He waited to propose because he thought he had so much to do (on himself) before he could–until he realized that proposing and his growing weren’t mutually exclusive; it was all part of the adventure.

Canvas collage by MountainGirlCreates on Etsy
Canvas collage by MountainGirlCreates on Etsy

I am on this playground, making something beautiful out of scattered pieces, a multi-layered work of art!
Many have scattered lives; are uncertain; feel unclear, unsettled–
I am here to be their angel, to talk all of it through with, as they put pieces in place, creating their own something beautiful…
I’m a God-worker. I prefer Spirit-worker or Light-worker; it’s gender and culture and color inclusive…and Light (Source Energy) is big enough, open and free enough for my soul to expand and grow, and take in the awakenings, gifts, and intensified spiritual evolutions happening everywhere around me, and within other awakening souls.  And Spirit is Sacred Feminine.

The work of the soul is to wake itself up.  The work of God is to wake everyone else up. (Neale Donald Walsch, Journey)

When awakenings are happening, beliefs shift; a lot changes and comes into question once the egg shell cracks.  We aren’t comfortable being where we were before, doing what we did the same way.  Relationships change too.
And there are few we can talk to about spirit-work stuff.
How dare we…  Who do we think we are? Questioning our religion?  God?  Family and social standards, structures, expectations?  Whatever… 
I have been in that place; been there, done that …. and I’m someone you can talk to about those spiritual ‘coming outs’ and support to grow wings and fly free.  My spirit-work is to help you grow your own beautiful greatness.
We truly are so much more courageous and insightful on our own behalf when we’ve got someone we can talk to.  And it’s easier.  Do you know how good it feels when you have an earth angel you trust your heart to, can talk out whatever it is, so you can put your voice and thoughts together, and experience a magically clarifying dialog?  There’s a sacred synergy that happens.  I’m blessed to have such angels; and I’m blessed to be one for others.

I’m not part of a church and don’t have ‘Rev.’ in front of my name… Then again, neither did the Master or most of the angels of saints.  My calling is nevertheless a spiritual teaching one…that kind of spiritual that includes living a multi-layered life, discovering my purpose for being here, and using this life to spread more joy and love and light in the world–in whatever way is authentic for me to do that.
Everyday living is truly sacred and soul work and spiritual.  With every breath,  I am connected to a powerful Divine Source Energy… (farm lesson included in spiritual bridges course).  And if anything is sacred, we are–directly connected living extensions of Divine Spirit Energy.
huc.colombe-main1There’s nothing wrong with my wings.  I’ve just figured out that they are bird wings, not butterfly wings.
Sacred Feminine Spirit Dove wings…
Beautiful white Swan wings
White seagull Angel wings.
High-Level Wellness … growing your greatness.   I was trained in Total Youth Ministry and then Whole-person 360 wellness; and in between, corporate human resources and business.  I speak only the language of well-being, spirit-mind-body; social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, relational, emotional; word, worship, guidance and healing, justice and service, advocacy,  community building.

I was trained in all of it; a part of me as growing up on a farm, love of nature and animals and art, lots of brothers, wonderful men and women in my life, a sense of humor,  a lot of love and gratitude, and knowing I walk my own sacred path like everyone else.   I’m a teacher and Spirit-worker and know I have great work to do–WE have great work to do, together.

Are the pieces all connected?  As much as needed for now…
like a multi-layered colorful work of art in process.  Take a step or two back, appreciate, and see it coming together, and Light shining where you’re drawn to look closer.

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