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Reading a Book Page article, an interview with Sue Monk Kidd about her newest novel, The Invention of Wings.  She shares how one of the characters, ‘Handful,’ kept talking to tell her story, and how the author could barely write fast enough.

I used to wonder where authors got their inspiration, how they knew what to write in their stories, especially ones of such detail, depth, and wisdom.  I often suspected it was divinely guided, or maybe past lives…maybe both, and beyond.   Then I started working and traveling with a writer; and now I know–at least I know about this one.  She’s given the stories to write, kind of… parts of them anyway… sometimes in dreams, sometimes they just come through inspiration… And a writer writes…and lets the story come together and develop over time.   And then there are edits and re-writes, reading it back, and editing some more…  A fascinating creative process.

The Company we Keep.

I find myself surrounded by writers and authors.  I’ve been told often enough that I am one of them, that I have a book to write… maybe several.  They’re coming.  In the meantime, I hold space for these authors to tell their stories–the real stories they are compelled to share.  And I write what I’m drawn to share.

All the women I know in this circle of writers will tell you that there was something (someone) that compelled them to write.   Even in fictional novels, stories come through of historical happenings…sometimes redeeming great injustices, and perhaps rewriting parts of history… from a perspective the characters could not tell in their time.  The works of many writers are indeed inspired writings.  And they’re coming forth for a reason; they–the story books they write–have work to do.

Powering Conversations, Becoming Fear-less, Renaissance Stirrings of our Inner (and outer) World

Starting a conversation is a powerful and empowering thing.   Books of wisdom and grace, and stories, are are much more transforming when they’re read out loud and talked about in circles of women.  Margaret J. Wheatley, in her book Turning to One Other writes:

We are hungry for a chance to talk. People want to tell their stories, and are willing to listen to yours. We are awakening an ancient practice, a way of being gathered that all humans intimately understand.

Holding space for us to gather, facilitating these conversations, is what I do and love; connecting incredible, personally evolving women mostly, and using what we read and resonate with to talk about living with more intention, awareness, joy, energy–these conversations–inspire us to be a lot more courageous and fear-less as we follow our own course, soul path, co-creative work here.  Did I mention that I am my mother’s daughter.  She has been meeting with a circle of women weekly for more than 50 years
I have a place, and an invitation… I’m calling it a Personal Renaissance least for now.  Who wants to gather with me for powerful and wonderful WonderSpirit wisdom and renaissance conversations?  Thirty weeks together, around The Architecture of all Abundance.  We do all want more wellness, joy, abundance, purpose, don’t we?  And maybe you’re reading The Invention of Wings at the same time?  Have you ever noticed how interesting it is when we are reading more than one book at a time, how they play off of each other?  Oh yes, wonderfully powerful, spirited, affirming, amazing…divinely inspired.
 Ready?  I am.  Contact meDates and times to be arranged with the first ones who respond….  I entertain the possibility of conference call Renaissance Circles too.  (I do remember party lines…several neighbors sharing a phone line and conversations…)  And some of my friends–and yours–live in other places, and this feature makes connecting easy.  (And sometimes I’m on the road with the author I travel with, making these very nice… )
Here’s to making our lives more full of wellness, joy, abundance, and purpose.  We are here to make beautiful waves of love and light.  It’s already in us, ready to fully flow through us. – Anne

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