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Releasing Emotional Patterns Emotions, trauma, feelings, fears; the kind of sensitive spirit wounding that doesn’t leave visible bruises…..
I took part in a training session on releasing emotional patterns…. The reference guide turned out to be one in my library.
An emotional pattern is a fear-based survival response.  Anything that bothers you carries an emotional charge.  The way out of the emotional charge is to find a way to release it–so it no longer carries a fear-based emotion for you.  According to author Carolyn Mein. D.C., trauma, emotions, and feelings all connect to specific locations in our body.
Many hold emotions inside unconsciously, and eventually these affect one’s health… unless we find a healthy way to work through them.
Essential oils, scent, can release or change those emotional patterns in us.  The book went into the research and explained.  As I read the book, though, I was most fascinated by, and greatly appreciative of, Dr. Mein’s detailed charts.
Identify an emotion, learn the opposite emotion, and there’s a ‘way out’ statement, alarm point, and essential oil listed.  She also provides look-up charts by alarm points.  Where’s the issue in your body?  From the corresponding reference chart, find out what emotion might be blocked there… and what oil help you release it.
Learn more about emotional trauma clearing here.    And for more about (and to experience) therapeutic essential oils and emotional release, contact me.  Schedule an appointment or join me for a 3rd Monday Oils Open House event.  Blessings.  – Anne

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