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Traveling on business this week, running late heading into Kansas City airport.  Speed limit said 55… and all the cars in front of me were going 55.  It crossed my mind this could be one of those infamous speed trap areas locals know well, and respect–like radar hill along Wisconsin Hwy 41 and little towns like Brownsville.
A few minutes later, my suspicions were confirmed with squad lights in my rear view mirror.  The car behind me was being pulled over.  I breathed a sigh of gratitude–and relief.
Angel messages, intuitions, thought droppings, gut feelings, whatever we call them, it is wise to listen… and to ask for ‘universe time’ to get us to wherever it is in perfect time.  Once again, gratitude… lots of it.  Made the plane; squeaked in on the connecting flight too.  And finally,back home again, appreciating reminders and angels along the way–and the one I came home to.
Love and light and Joy, everyone.  – Anne

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