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Hello good people,
Last week I wrote about The Children of Now  on  my Everyday Goddess Community site…followed by several days of meeting women who were mothers or grandmothers of intuitive and sensitively gifted children.  more to come…
This morning, a lovely lady in a coffee shop was commenting how Yoga principles were contrary to church doctrine…and that there were Yoga classes being promoted in her church, and some were even being taught by nuns.  In her opinion, if one didn’t go along with all traditional doctrines and practices of a religion, they were welcome to leave….
She was heading out and it wasn’t the time or place to get into such a conversation.  I had thoughts, though… Like Been there, done that; and If everyone who was okay with Yoga and anything else that might not be in complete alignment with their religion’s doctrines–birth control, remarriage after divorce, etc–left, wouldn’t that be interesting.  How many would qualify to remain?  We are in great cultural and spiritual paradigm shifts. 
And many are leaving religions, because life has taken them to places of soul-deepening and heart-stretching beyond their church’s acceptable behaviors, beliefs, and perspective.
Soul food and Supplies for Spiritually progressive women leaving churches
We are evolving beings…Spiritually, as well as physically.  Our growth is divinely guided… a natural process.  An acorn becomes an oak tree; a swan chick breaks out of her shell, and is destined to fly with her own wings.  Our soul food needs change as we do.
I have taken this journey–growing and leaving, and finding soul food that satisfied my spirit’s hunger.  And WonderSpirit was birthed out of that.  She is my creative soul child and gift to share.  When a spiritually progressive woman leaves her church, she’s growing and transforming … and feeling a loss of what was, and looking to find what her spirit needs now…other women she can talk to and places she can find soul food and supplies for spiritually progressive women
3 Soul food Opportunities:
Soul food Saturday half-day retreat at my place. – March 29.  Short notice, yes.  …And if this small private group opportunity is meant for you, it will be perfect timing.  (I was supposed to be part of a Women’s Health and Happiness Expo.  My spirit, however, prefers a more peaceful and personal group setting.  And I have a place full of positive feminine-spirit-inspiring ‘soul food and supplies’ to share… So I’m following what my spirit loves.)
Tuesday Night Personal Renaissance Circle – via teleconference.  We’re beginning the section on the Architecture of Prosperity tonight.  Really good stuff!  I’ve set these up to be inviting and open.  This everyday goddess does life, spirit, and business differently…and our backdrop resource, The Architecture of All Abundance, offers soul food for life spirit and businesses…and conversations of substance with women I love being on these calls with.  Definitely short notice for tonight. … Still, if you want in, you will contact me.  And I am happy to provide the call-in number and access code.  Ask.
Sunday Morning Coffee House Conversation – This coming Sunday, March 30, at Pink Mocha Cafe in Hartland, WI.  Topic:  Happiness is an Inside Job – Brain Body and Soul.  Enjoy three personable positive guest speakers with a passion to start happiness conversations.  We do get more of what we talk about, you know.  10:30 am, Pink Mocha Cafe, Hartland.  See you there!
Blessings – Anne

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