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The apple and womenEver notice how unrelated things ‘connect’ to give us answers we are seeking?
I created this presentation on ‘Women, Redefining Spiritual, and the Sacred Feminine’ for an event earlier this month–and decided to offer it again here at Kindred Spirit Center, May 28 at 6:30, and also on Thursday evening by conference line, at 8.
Writing about it, though, to tell anybody, wasn’t flowing…  So I let that be, knowing that when it was time, it would flow….
Unrelated Events:

  • Coffee, writing, morning muse time some weeks past.  Perused the paper and started filling out the daily crossword puzzle.  A clue jumped out:  ‘Original sinner’ … answer had three letters…Eve.  So ingrained in our culture is that perception–of women.

What does that say to women about ourselves?  about our worth and value?  And what does it do to our self-image and confidence?  and voices?

  • Working on Happiness is an Inside Job – Soul Door presentation … about the shifts we are in as human beings.  We are growing beyond traditional  religions.  What we have witnessed, experienced; where are our life, heart, and soul have led us…we need more and different soul food.  

I’m a religious studies major.  ‘Original Sin and Original Blessing’ are both biblical traditions included in my studies.  And a four-page contrast-and-clarity discovery tool is one of the resources in my Spiritual Bridges course work. …
Was it an early morning walk  or a shower, when this ‘oh-wow’ thought dropped in; came together?  The ‘apple’ and all that goes with it is the ‘Original Sin’ side.   The ‘goddess’ / ‘divine feminine’ … ‘Original Blessing’…  Such subtle shifts in perspective… perspective.
Does it matter? 
Does one side feel different than the other?
Do you want to learn more, talk more about, explore further, all of this?
If you do, join me this week.  RSVPs required.  Contact me.

The Sacred Feminine, Women, Redefining ‘Spiritual,’ and Why it Matters.
An introduction to the Sacred Feminine, that will empower, delight, and tap the spirit of women; women who have been deepened by life; women who have grown beyond churches; women who long to learn of spirituality in the voices of women, ones that resonate in their heart. A dog cannot teach a cat to purr—or bark. We are cats, ladies. And our purring – and flexibility and everything about us – is needed. Wednesday, May 28, 6:30-8 pm, Kindred Spirit Center-Waukesha; and Thursday, May 29, 8:10 pm by Phone.  (Call-in number provided in response to RSVP.)  Fee:  $10 with RSVP / Pre-Payment Option

Love and light and blessing. – Anne

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