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If one wants to have a happy life, she needs to make some choices and decisions about relationships she engages in. 

All experiences are teachers, yes; not all are healthy.  Choices and decisions we make, actions we take, create waves and ripple-affects. We hold the oars…

Take note how you feel–respected, loved, appreciated, confident, joyful, happy (or not)–in each encounter.  What does your inner knowing tell you? 

Review the checklist of behaviors and questions and confirm (or question) whether this is a healthy relationship or environment for you, your spirit, to be in and grow in.  Is this a relationship that brings out your best, one you feel absolute freedom and uplifting energy in? 

If it is, stay awhile and enjoy.  If it’s not, choose to be somewhere else.  

Your light, your feelings, senses, are your very personal and specific internal guidance system.  Something powerful inside of you knows what you need, what is good and healthy to your body mind and spirit, and brings you joy.

Be yourself.  There is something you can do better than any other.  Listen to your  inner voice and bravely obey that. (Unknown)


Have a beautiful day.  – AnneWS book coverv2.2

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