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Reading of Solomon this morning, an ascended master in Archangel and Ascended Masters from Doreen VirtueAddictions drew my attention.

Good people in conversations recently are dealing with addictions–wanting to quit smoking, mostly… Other addictions too–sugar, relationship patterns, alcohol….and thought maybe I should share this.

Some of these addictions are deal-breaker bad habits for happy relationships. No matter how pretty the packaging.

Whatever we’re dealing with–and all us get something–it’s part of our life path and sacred contracts, and work, to deal with it and find our way through. Our souls are about freedom.

Solomon says, “Poetry is the name of life.  Poetry is artistry in motion.  For it’s not the accumulation of knowledge to which we’re aspiring, but the ability to live life in a grander, more fluid, more aristocratic fashion.  To take charge through godliness of your inner demons and squeeze out all excess so that you may truly reign with princely power over your domain.  Get control of all your faculties.  Handle addictions and patterns directly, and be free–free to rule, free to live, and free to express your inward callings in boundless ways.”

Invocation:  Call on Solomon to help you with any difficult or seemingly impossible situation.  As a Divine magician, he’ll direct sacred energy to support you:  “Solomon, O Solomon, I need your help and assistance please, and I need it now.  Please come to me and shine light on this situation [describe it to him], and help me loosen the chains of fear and unforgiveness.  I need a miracle, and I need it now.  Help resolve this matter, and lift me out of the trenches of darkness.  Thank you for your wisdom and courage, and or providing the perfect solution to this matter.   (Archangel and Ascended Masters, Doreen Virtue.)

Blessings and joy.  Anything is possible.  Miracles happen….Ask angels and ascended masters to help; to do what they do best and desire–which is always what is in alignment with our soul.   – Anne

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PS.  Relationship advice of a wise woman to her grand-daughter: Find somebody whose bad habits you think you can live with.  She had others too

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