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… Afterlife beliefs are shaped early …
Sometimes, though, our early beliefs are not comforting, congruent, or helpful when facing our own mortality, or that of someone connected to our heart.  Life–entering it–and exiting it–are spiritual moments.
The Afterlife.   Is there one?  What is it like?  What do you want to know?  What do you know for sure already?
Join me on two Mondays, April 4 and 11, for a series of uncommon signs and stories learnings about the Afterlife…and our contact and relationship with those already there.
This isn’t going to be a church-y and religion-pushy thing…  It is spiritual though… inviting open exchanges.  A heart  has become my symbol of faith.  Butterflies too.
Spirituality, awareness, beliefs, and practices expand and grow… become more inclusive and integrating.
Easter is about an Afterlife... resurrection in church terms… spring in nature terms. …. and with every funeral we attend, we experience a particular viewpoint of what that Afterlife is… and more contrast to what doesn’t fit anymore.
Like you, life has seasoned me, provided catalysts to deeper questions, and openings to expanded understandings about the AFTERLIFE and THIS life…and our relationship with those who are in their Afterlife ahead of us.  (It was called ‘communion of saints’ and was part of a creed I grew up saying.)
Our AFTERLIFE was always that great mystery.  A lot of fear and uncertainty, faith platitudes, and even guilt, was imprinted on us.  Many of us have become seekers because of it, because experience outside the realm of our parochial teachings required it.  Experiences that rocked and rolled beliefs we once accepted…

Afterlife of Billy FingersFor those in great spiritual exploring and expanding:
It is GOOD, and as NATURAL as maturing from a child into a teenager into an adult.  We are expected to grow and evolve and change our understandings.
AN INVITATION:  2 Monday mornings (Monday, April 4 and 11) of compelling spiritual conversations…refreshments, too.

What we believe about The Afterlife — of our Loved Ones and our own — affects how we live here and — i.e., are we living from fear and judgment?  or are we living in purposeful partnerships?
Science, Spirituality, Theology, personal Experiences, what we know for sure… and or at least are willing to entertain and feel amazed about…
These will be uncommon and uplifting, interesting explorings…  Spirit-freeing, healing, open and expanding- of-understandings…
WHEN:  Monday Mornings, April 4 and 11, at 10 am  (Gathering, Refreshments, doors open at 9:30 am)

WHERE:  WonderSpirit, LLC – Kindred Spirit Center, Waukesha
Our soul . life . purpose . joy is either inspired or restricted by  beliefs.  I prefer inspired.
READING Resources to prepare ahead:The Light Between Us

The Light Between Us
The Afterlife of Billy Fingers
Afterlives of the Rich and Famous
Death by Roses – a novel
Messages from the Masters
Resurrection: Myth or Reality?  
How it works:

  1.  Choose a resource.
  2. Commit to reading one chapter a week for two weeks.
  3. Share something from your reading and your life.
  4. We’ll meet for 2 weeks… a beginning ..
  5. Exchange:  $45/pp  $75/couple
  6. Six seats available.  Reserve yours here.

Blessings, love and light!  – Anne

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