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It’s been surfacing lately, the title ‘Madam.’  Maybe because one person always addressed me as ‘Madam,’ and her anniversary of passing is coming.  I think maybe she’s nudging me from the other side.  We shared a lot of life experiences, she and I; often parallel tracks; and having much to share when we reconnected.
Perhaps the original Triple Goddess trio was Maiden, Mother, and Madam.  Crone is not nearly as pragmatic, provocative, creative, or fun… Madam, though, has a certain spice and that comes with a well-seasoned life.
Words are empowering, or they’re not.  Language is ours to command.  Spoken word holds our voice, our power.  We choose what words we speak.  And we choose how we will interpret them for ourselves.  We choose how we will hear them and use them.  I’m highly sensitive to gender words.
Master is a male and masculine word.  It doesn’t fit one who has looked in the mirror and lived a lifetime in a woman’s body, felt deep soul and spirit, full-bodied feminine emotions, feelings, intuitions, and experiences.
Madam is most definitely a feminine word–one that was once disparaged in polite society, and is coming back.  Madam is being used more as a title of respect, intelligence, and status: Madam Secretary, Madam President, Madam Curie.  It’s a title and role Madam Wise Women are reclaiming.
A Madam is a woman of a certain age, one well-seasoned with rich  life experiences, and sometimes a woman who helps other women make a living.  She is a connector of individuals seeking services and practitioners who provide those services for a fee. Her work is relational match-making, entrepreneurial, and provides support to herself and others.
Elizabeth always called me Madam Anne or Madam A.  And she was Madam E or Madam Elizabeth, of course.  My maid of honor, best friend, soul sister goddess. She has her angel wings now, and this Madam word keeps coming up.
Only SHE called me Madam. And that book, The Mayflower Madam, purchased and read years ago–and kept–because something said Keep it–compelled another read.   I have to suspect Madam Elizabeth …  I know how synchronicity works in my world.  And she was a wise woman, with a spirit of play and mischief sometimes.

So I did read that book again–it’s a delightful business read!  Curiosity prompted a search for what she’s doing now.  Turns out, Syndney Barrows is doing good things these days too.  I love her style and spirit and have been in touch.  Good stuff…  More to come.
Madam A

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  1. Love you for sharing this beautiful and delightful story with me today Madame Anne. Much love and light with you beloved … looking forward to our beautiful dance together.

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