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A visual for those who’ve heard about this inner goddess expression and have no idea what that is or looks like in real life.  Once again, someone else put it into beautiful words, and I’m sharing.  From Denise Duffield-Thomas:

Hey Anne!  You might have noticed a different kind of energy around me lately … and there’s a big reason why.
About six months ago I started to notice that one of my close friends and biz buddies was GLOWING.
No she wasn’t pregnant and she didn’t have a new wardrobe, it was something else… her energy… her ease and grace…
So when I asked what she was doing differently she said…
“I’m embracing my spirituality, I’ve started to listen to my guides and I’m feeling great, everything is in flow.”
YES! I immediately wanted this.
So over the last few months I’ve been going deeper and exploring different ways of being. Not necessarily out of my comfort zone (because I’ve always been very “woo-curious”) but definitely with a beginner’s mind.
I went to a feminine goddess retreat (not quite dancing naked around a fire, but pretty close) and Willow and I went to a mother-daughter mindfulness camp and made wands and dream catchers.
If you’re an energy worker, healer or spiritual entrepreneur then you probably already know, but what I’m discovering is that deep inside me I have goddess energy and an inner guidance that’s calling me.
It’s always been there and I’ve always tried to work from my heart and my zone of genius but by connecting with my inner knowing, I’m deepening my connection to myself and empowering my bigger vision for my life and business.
It feels like a superpower that’s helping me to move to another level. … (Denise Duffield-Thomas)

And this morning, a young mom and her two kids stopped in.
I hadn’t seen them in awhile;  the daughter was twelve now–almost a teenagers.  As she explored the gathering place and found her way into my office and book shelves, her eyes lit up.  There was so much she wanted to know more about– stones, art, books, crystals…   So I had her make a list.  And with her mom’s blessing, we’ll soon be setting up learning dates and follow her list!
Maybe you, too, want to learn more.  And feeling great and in the flow sounds good, too.  Glowing, happy, excited about living.  Make your own list of inner goddess questions, feminine spirituality, energy medicine, and anything else you want to explore and learn more about, and I will help. I love learning dates and make them fun!
Daring to be Ourselves takes us on an adventure.  Let’s have a conversation on that and see where it leads.  Your inner goddess is needed.

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