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Looking for paper today to prep for an upcoming call.  Grabbed a tablet with a single sheet left: a page of notes, quotes from LeRoy Butler.
A couple years back, I was in the audience when this Lambeau Leap football player spoke at WCTC.
I’m not a football fan and rarely see a game, so my being there in the first place was highly unusual.  Yet, there I was.  It turned out to be a privilege.
I didn’t write much; only four paragraphs.  What a story and storyteller.  Enjoy.

We had a TV so small, you had to watch it one at a time.  (LeRoy Butler)

I giggled.

Young man in the projects.  Saw the Superbowl at age 7, in a wheelchair, and said he wanted to be a professional football player.

There are walking miracles in my life; this was another in front of the room.

If you do have a dream, put your blinders on and go for it!  (LeRoy Butler)

And finally, he spoke of his initial arrival into Green Bay, now as a professional football player for the Green Bay Packers.  My notes:

90-year-old woman greets him at Green Bay airport and says:
“You will NOT lose to the VIKINGS!”
“You will NOT lose to the BEARS!”

I giggled again.   Even I know about Vikings and Bears and Packers, oh my!  Here’s a LeRoy Butler link if you want more of his story.
So appreciating once again how Life puts us in places we didn’t expect or plan to be; and how delightfully fun it turns out.  What an entertaining and inspiring speaker; and I love that I happened to be there for it.
I have a friend who’s daily to-do list includes a ‘Surprise me with something wonderful’ request.  I love that.  This would be one of those.  – Anne 🙂

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