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In Valentine’s Week, RELATIONSHIPS take center stage.   Today we’re playing with Relationship Rules.  It’s a topic I speak to occasionally and a little eBook I wrote that you’ll find out there on Amazon.

What makes me an expert, and What do I know?

Believe me, I asked myself that before I dared to publish Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman and put it our there for the world to critique.
The truth is, I shared what I know for sure, what made a HUGE difference and impact on my happiness, my relationships, and who I am now.  These are pieces of a bigger life wisdom jigsaw puzzle that I hold and share.  Other authors hold pieces they share.

From Grandma’s initial advice to a study called Single Survival Skills

Because I was single so long and worked in parish youth and young adult ministry, I originally introduced and led these as a Single Survival Skills exchange:

How does a single girl navigate single living in a healthy, positive, enjoyable, and socially satisfying way?  How does she recognize the cast of characters she’ll meet along the way–danger ahead warnings and clues to keeper material?

Life gave me a playground and a sense of humor, and a viewpoint of looking for the good.  I paid attention and took notes; and practiced what I shared.

Applies to Marriage too

Thirty years ago, I met the delightful man, Michael Robichaud, who would become my husband; we’ve been married for 28.  Turns out, those relationship rules of a happy woman, formerly Single Survival Skills, are happy marriage rules too.  For us they are.

Free First Chapter Download

Sample the first chapter Free, compliments of Amazon.

Free Relationship Rules Conference Call

Also, THIS WEEK, VALENTINE’S WEEK, I will entertain a Free Relationship Rules of a Happy Life Conference Call exchange with me.  (i.e. YOU / SOMEONE NEEDS TO ASK … Ask and it is given …)
Here’s my Contact Form and the worksheet.  Grab your copy of Relationship Rules in the meantime.
Happy Valentine’s Week!  Enjoy those relationships…  – Anne

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