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RELATIONSHIPS take center stage in Valentine’s week.  For some, these are bittersweet days of remembering a great love on the other side.  Today I’m shining light on relationships in the afterlife.

I want to reassure your deepest places, that these heart-and-soul, love-connected lifetimes are only one chapter in our relationships with one another.

There are a lot of places I know this from.

For today, I want to share an interview with Patrick Mathews, a man who grew up being able to see dead people.  Remember that movie, Sixth Sense?  I know real people like that.  First one, and then many others have streamed into my life.  I think you’ll enjoy this Q&A interview with Patrick Mathews.

Everlasting Love and marrying someone else.

One of Patrick’s books, Everlasting Love, is full of couple stories, where one partner is on the other side.  It answers questions of his clients who found themselves falling in love again, being happy again, and feeling disloyal to their deceased love.   Their messages from the other side are enlightening and entertaining.
There are more resources and great conversations to be opened and entertained around this topic.  I would love to hear from you.
Happy Valentine’s Week.  Enjoy the love.  – Anne

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