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Writing is voice-finding; hand-recording our knowings, thoughts, stories that want to come forth… through us.
Putting it out there for others to hear or see is a courageous and risky thing.  Some may distance themselves from us because of it.

Why am I afraid to tell you who I am?  Because … you may not like who I am.  And that’s all I have.  – J. S. Powell

It’s a vulnerable time when fresh words meet a page and are spoken for the first time; sacred time and space.  If we do this in the company of others, it must be a safe and nurturing place.
4th Wednesday Writing Women offers that, was created for that.

Writing is our becoming whole.

Somewhere in our life’s travels, it becomes more important to be who we really are, who we’ve become; to weave together, integrate, and own our life, our soul, our self-actualizing.

You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.  – Rick Nelson, Garden Party

As we write, we put words to our version of a story, a slice of our life experience and how we saw it, felt it; putting it into an artist’s frame of our choosing.
In other words, we make it ours and own it.
That said, as time moves forward, we can also re-write and re-story an event or experience again later, from a more-seasoned perspective that only looking back over time and life can provide.
Haven’t we all taken on redecorating projects?  Repainting a room, choosing different colors, changing out art and furniture perhaps?  Our tastes and preferences and seasons change, and we play creatively.

Empowerful story-writing

In writing, we become the story-tellers; a powerful role of choosing words and frames; highlighting, preserving what matters and is worth keeping.
Adding to an original story is done all the time… 10-Year Anniversary Editions bring an added message from an author.  Sometimes she’s added material to chapters as well.  Like a spiral, our version of an original story deepens, becomes more layered, over time.

So far…

Where this life has led me, challenged, surprised, and delighted me; what it has shown me; this is who I’ve become as a result of those experiences so far, who I’ve evolved into, and continue to.
I write because somewhere I was drawn to write.
You too.
We get these experiences that shape us and our worldview.
We evolve and transform, change and grow.
And we write–in journals, blogs, notebooks, on scrap paper–and take note.  Whatever prompts our inner muse to notice and write, go with it.

We signed up for these dances before we were born.  – Billy Fingers
All cooperating components are being assembled.  Abraham

Writing Prompts

Everyday life.  Take notes.  Keep a small notebook handy.
Quiet time.  When and where do you feel inspired to write, create, all thoughts and ideas to flow free.
ReadingBella Grace Magazines, Julia Cameron books, Women Writing for a Change book and groups, Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, or whatever you’re reading that inspires your own thoughts and conversations.
Writing Women Wednesdays.  A 4th Wednesday women’s writing group that’s open and warm and holds space for writing and voice finding.  Printable Flyer (PDF).

Soul Success and Self-Actualizing

Monday Fire Starter Sessions conference call hours.  Printable Flyer (PDF)

When I dare to be powerful—to use my strength in the service of my vision—then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.  (Audre Lorde)

Write your story the way you want it to read….short versions and chapters and epic novels….

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