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Words of inspired Divine origin surround us.
Do you hear them?  Read them?  Pay attention?  Know them?  Trust them?

Spirit Lives and Speaks and Shows Up

Now, in this world… and throughout time.  Whose are the voices that come to mind?  Unmistakable experiences?  Lyrics, timing, art, strangers and chance meetings.  We ask for signs, and we get them.
And yet some are still wanting to limit Divinity, confining Wisdom to a collection of (hand) written manuscripts compiled more than two thousand years ago–in languages few of us fluent in.  That hasn’t made sense or worked for me for a long time now.
I know Divine Wisdom Inspiration Creativity and Grace still lives and speaks.

Making-sense Spirituality

If the brain doesn’t buy it, it isn’t going to fly.

Mind Body Spirit. When all are aligned, there is great power and life surging through us.  Happiness, Joy, Confidence, Clarity, Purpose, Direct Connection.
Limiting Divinity? Ha!  You can if you want to…  In my experience, though, there’s a sense of humor and some very interesting, precise, Divine learning catalysts with our name on them, in this earthly playground.   I like keeping it simple …and also being aware of divine grace.
What do you believe?   Play a bit here, taking note of what you believe, what makes sense, and inspires and guides your life.  Some may be from that ancient Wisdom resource; and some may come from other places.  What do you believe?  For today… knowing you are allowed to change your mind, adjust, and replace beliefs over time.


The divine may be greater than I am, but certainly not less.  – William James

Beliefs evolve as we continue to experience, reflect, become more than we knew before.  We are, by design, integrating Great Wisdom from childhood through now, so it feeds and fuels our lives.
What are YOUR BELIEFS today?  Mottoes you live by?  Beliefs that guide you? Who you are?  You in relationship with Divinity / Source / Spirit?  Perhaps notice how you address and imagine this Being.

Modern Spirituality

Modern spirituality excites and energizes me!  I have always been drawn to Spiritual stuff–in particular, universal natural laws that apply to everyone, regardless of religion, eye color, country, or neighborhood.  Like gravity.  I grew up in the 60’s–equality, awareness awakenings–cultural, spiritual, personal pragmatic impact and imprints.   You’ll find backstory links on my About page if you really want to know.

Spiritual Seekers Toolkit

May your light shine and your spirit dance in this life, and powerfully lead you to all you were so excited and eager to come here for.   How do you know?  How do you navigate?  Where do you start?  I offer Seekers Toolkit classes and soul coaching.  During May, birthday month, there are special offers.
Contact me for a  Starter Session to begin working with me–sooner, rather than later.
I too am powerfully, beautifully, and pragmatically evolving.  – Anne

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