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Put Your Heart on Paper: Staying Connected in a Loose-Ends World. Oh, the power writing to lift our hearts and spirits, sort and clear out thoughts and emotions, and build relationships–including with our self and soul happiness and well-being.  Inner wisdom wellness sessions continue.
Wellness Wednesday Women returns October 24, 4th Wednesday, 10:00 am – noon, at Unity Center in Milwaukee (Wauwatosa area).
Wellness is a lot about emotions and hearts and relationships.  Writing heals, centers, sorts out, expresses, releases, and creates …We are the story tellers and story makers.  Looking back, we have perspective we didn’t then; here and now is where we make a different story, or tell an old one differently.

Excerpts, notes from recent reading, random pages of Put Your Heart on Paper:

October 4, 2018

WALLS ARE DOORS – Writing Through to Resolution: The Lid is Off the Box
… To write through to resolution, get out the whine, go past the “useless questions,” and uncover the upset beneath it, the imaginary lid on your box.  (that has already been removed and isn’t there anymore) (Henriette Anne Klauser, Put Your Heart to Paper)

Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls. (Joseph Campbell)
October 6, 2018

The Three Be’s

The beauty of Heart Writing is that anyone can do it.  You don’t need to be a writer.  You just need to be a human being… to be the three Be’s:  Be kind, Be brave, Be you.
“Be kind” means to be loving.  Think of the other person as you write.  “Be brave” applies to courage and vulnerability and willingness to risk.  “Be you” means tell about what you saw, how you felt; share a bit of you–that’s what it means to put your heart on paper.” (Henriette Anne Klauser, Put Your Heart to Paper, p50)

October 7, 2018

The Transformative Powers of Writing Available to Everyone

Already at thirteen I was beginning to realize a principle that has guided my life:  Writing transform.  Writing takes what is distasteful and makes it palatable, take what is painful and helps you heal.
… “Every crisis is has a gift for you in its hands,” says the ancient proverb.  Writing a story about what seems to be a crisis in your life can help you unwrap the gift beneath it. …
Harsh words did not have time to stay and eat into the psyche; rather we were relishing them as wonderful phrases to write about. (Henriette Anne Klauser, Put Your Heart to Paper, p144.)

In a note, I wrote:  Bella Grace New Generation, “The Timely Turtle Type” story.  (Just shared note with the author.)

Wellness Writing Wednesday – October 24

Wellness Writing Wednesday mornings in Wauwatosa will be project time to BE ‘kind brave and you’ and DO writing for your self-well-being, emotional soothing, soul-wisdom writing, promptings, heart-freeing, releases, heroine’s stories, rekindling relationships, journal writing, or whatever writing you want to do.
I’ll be there, 4th Wednesdays, from 10 to noon, with wellness writing resources; and will be a respectful listener, coach, confidant, and sacred space and time holder to be with other women putting their hearts on paper…for a purpose.

Want to know more about Writing for Wellness?

Contact me for a class or personal session.  Investment: What does your heart say is fair and reasonable?  I’ll go with that too.

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