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Simplifying Your Life, Gateway Oracle Card, Denise Linn,

9 Days … Shifts Perspective (Cont’d)

 Holistic Healing Support

Essential oils, a journal, flowers, writing, an angel team of holistic healing and wellness women; and a deck of cards I travel with, Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards.  They’re good energy, beautiful art, and always insightful.  I started doing a card reading each day a few days into my stay.  Each card added confirmation and inspired direction into what was playing out–always reassuring what I was already sensing.
Cards, in order received:

  • Looking Deeper – I was already looking deeper.   Nancy Nicholas, a spiritual intuitive, had told me there was an emotional component to this, about releasing anger, grief.  Lungs, chest, and heart are about trust of heart and spirit.  Her readings, insights, resonate.  Emotionally / spiritually / bodily, my healing message was:  “Allow instead of pursue.  Surrender to Soul and trust.  Release all that (control).  It’s vital to flow into guidance, even if it doesn’t make sense.”

Cards that followed were affirmations and confirmations:  All would be okay–better than okay; and there was some letting go, simplifying, and new sharing on my part coming out of this.

  • Dwelling in Truth – “I stand in the light of truth.”
  • Healing the Past – “I step into my future with strength and clarity.”
  • Following Your Bliss – “My soul sings with joy!”
  • Soaring into Joy – “Childlike wonder fills my life.”
  • Letting Go – I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life.”
  • Mending Bridges – “I heal rifts.  I am a mender.”  Different conversations were opening in this time–with family, medical staff, a chaplain.
  • Starting Fresh – “A wonderful new beginning is blossoming in my life.”
  • Opening to Love – “My heart is open.” 
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Simplifying Your Life
  • Sharing of Yourself
  • Proceeding Softly
  • Flying Free
  • Being in the Flow
  • Savoring Pleasure
  • Igniting Courage
  • Listening with Your Heart
  • Cherishing Self – Q:  What wants to come alive in me? Come out? Create?  Speak? or Be Known?  A: Cherishing Self.  “I accept and love myself.”  Cooperating complementary, self-restoring, self-cherishing support…
  • Standing Firm
  • Stepping into Stillness – Gateway card query:  Where do I go from here?  A:  Stepping into Stillness.  “My power is born in the majesty of silence.”  … Surrender to the sweet energy of quietude; avoid the temptation to embrace the drama and urgency of life.  Affirm that you have all the time you need.  Power is born in stillness, and your potential is dramatically expanding in the majesty of silence.
  • Renewing Your Life

Those got me to home, and then some.
September was a quiet, healing month…acupressure, reiki, nutrition, herbal guidance and heart healing support, therapeutic massage experiences…from those ‘angel team’  healing women around me.  And more oils.
October is still a mending month.  Only what makes my heart sing has become a guide in what I offer.
Be yourself; Love yourself; Trust yourself.  Be happy and be you.
PS.   I have cards for readings … and it would be my pleasure.  (by appointment, please.  Book online or contact me via email) 🙂

PPS.  Offering phone and Zoom video meetings.

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