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Come sit for a spell; meet, learn from light worker, spirituality and healing women at  Kindred Spirit Center  in Waukesha.  Enjoy a hot beverage, some treats; feed your curiosities, ease your spirit.


What if they think WE are witches?!

It was a concern; so I’m ‘addressing that one, in case any of you have issues with witches–or Halloween–for that matter.  I take ‘scary’ out of religion-rooted fears.  … and a lot of ‘scary’ is rooted in religion.  … and that’s what I specialize and studied in, and do with ease.
Turns out, most of us have Catholic roots, including me.  I studied religion academically–same as those preparing for priesthood–in my early 30s.  A dark part of our Catholic church history is the Inquisition, three hundred years of church-sanctioned unspeakable acts.
In another time and place, we would have been called witches…. Because healers were called witches; women of spirit were called witches; and they were killed for their gifts of healing work.

Somewhere in our souls, we remember the burning times, when women were persecuted and burned alive as witches.  … First the midwives were burned for easing the pains of childbirth…, then the healers who knew the medicinal uses of herbs, women who celebrated the seasons, eccentric women, women with possessions someone coveted, outspoken women, bright women, women without protection.  This collective memory has an effect much as any personal repressed trauma does; it makes women anxious when we discover our own sacred experiences and find words for them.  We need courage to bring forth what we know.  Somewhere in our souls, women remember a time when divinity was called Goddess and Mother.  (Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.)

There was a time in this country’s story also, that was equally motivated by religion and fears.   Salem–Not all history bears re-enactment
Of those here at Kindred Spirit Center, I am probably most connected to witches and the wiccan religion. 
As a religion, Wicca speaks of and honors goddess and god imagery, cycles and seasons, and care of Mother Earth.   As part of cultural story, I’m married to a descendant of a Salem woman, accused and hanged as a witch.
We fear what we’re taught to fear — often without much personal experience of another of that color, creed, country of origin, orientation — or without even considering that what we’ve been taught may have been tainted by less-than-holy motives.  A Wiccan Chaplain in a small town
In Catholic grade school, we were asked to pray for pagan babies.  I learned later–in a dictionary–that pagan means ‘of the earth’ and ‘country dweller.’  I grew up on a farm; I was a country dweller.  Mother Nature was my teacher; monthly cycles, and seasons of fertility, planting, and growing, life and death.  I am of-the-earth sacred and spiritual.  … And pagan according to definition.

Spirituality & Healing Women of Kindred Spirit Center

All of us Kindred Spirit Center are women of spirit and faith. We are each divinely called and guided in our work, and brought together.  We are here to help heal ourselves and our world.  Heart body mind spirit soul.

Welcome to a Kindred Spirit Halloween Week.

Guest speakers and topics on Tuesday and Wednesday are on our calendar — and still being added to.  These are meet-and-greet / learning / curiosity question-asking opportunities.  (A few of my ‘angel team’ healer friends –in addition to those practicing in our Center–are coming too.)  I’ll be here both days to welcome you.
Come sit a spell and learn about supportive healing to mind body spirit soul energy.

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