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Who am I and why would you listen to me? What kind of credentials and credibility do I have? Who do I think I am that I’m qualified to teach religion and spirituality–and to teach things that may be different than those catholic school religion classes and sisters and priests taught?

That was the heart and soul center of what I had to answer to even dare to do this work, lead a course like this.

And it had to be solid enough to stand on; inspiring, compelling, exciting, and uplifting enough to free my spirit wings to feather-out and fly.

And, it had to be supported by my growing-up-catholic spirit core. That connecting was important to this solid enough ground to stand on. And it is; I’ve been using it for more than twenty years. I know who I am and why I’m here.

I know this is important–for each one of us. To stand on solid strength and free our spirit-wings to fully feather out and fly, soar, live confidently connected to and guided by our Soul and Source, we need our own solid enough answer to that question.

That’s where we start in Catholic around the edges, with our answers to that central Soul question. It’s your solid ground to stand on, that holds uplifting, exciting, compelling energy, to fly free with your wings.

For more information and a printable course schedule, visit my calendar page.

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