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Was asked recently what I believe, and a lot flooded in; and also, How much time do you have? On the heals of that, a writing group and time to write about it. Love how the Universe works in my favor:

February 26, 2020 | Ash Wednesday

Unity Center in Milwaukee—writing group.  My prompt today:   Who do you think you are?   And my project, Beliefs—What do I believe now? 

I will say, first, that science and spirituality are sister studies; and in both, what is true is connected to What we know so far

We think and speak in terms of ‘facts,’ when really, they’re theories subject to change when new information comes to light.  For example, Galileo saying the Earth’s shape was round, rather than flat.  In that regard, beliefs I hold now are conclusions and truths from life-traveling as me, six decades and counting, so far:

  1. I believe we each get our perfect school to learn and grow and become our greatest selves in, during this lifetime.
  2. I believe we have many lifetimes—because our soul finds growing and learning and living these physical experiences to be meaningful, enjoyable, creative, energizing.
  3. I believe I am an eternal divine spark of light, part of pure Source energy, living a mortal human experience.
  4. I believe we choose these life experiences, that we were eager and excited for this opportunity to live here and now.
  5. I believe we—our higher self—came with a purpose and a plan—that we were required to have one, with exit doors—before coming to this physical life.
  6. I believe that our plan included others—grand plays, places, and productions, roles we agreed to hold, to help one another along the way … sacred contracts…
  7.  I believe I am created in the image and likeness of divinity, god … a sacred feminine body and soul, sensitive, free-spirited, creative Source energy; so, god must also be.  Divine imagery is as diverse as we are, and more.   God may be greater than I am, but certainly not less.  (William James)
  8. I believe that Source has a sense of humor and knows exactly what buttons to push to get me to act and to get my attention.
  9. I believe we are created good; that we are trusted and loved unconditionally.
  10. I believe that full authority has been given to us, and that our actions, words, thoughts, kindness, and compassion, matters.
  11. I believe in the communion of saints, that all of us living in physical form and those who have transitioned into non-physical, are connected.
  12. I believe in the afterlife, that our Soul continues to live and grow and create and play.
  13. I believe we have help in living our lives—inspiration, thoughts and knowledge delivered, angels, miracles, visions, dreams, et cetera.  We’re not in this alone.
  14. I believe the purpose of our lifetimes is continued becoming, finding joy in living, making a difference, and learning, experiencing, and creating.
  15. I believe we can’t get this wrong.  We make choices and take actions based on what we know and our circumstances at the time.  We learn as we go.
  16. I believe we came with an internal guidance system and that we are always directly connected to our divine Source.
  17. I believe we are each on our path, and we meet for reasons we see later, in hindsight. 
  18. I believe it’s all good, that we’re good, that this life is both expansive and limited, that numbers have nothing to do with the length of a lifetime or its significance.
  19. I believe our Souls did not come here to hide; we came to live our heart and soul’s desires and play.
  20. I believe we’re here to help each other. (… and sometimes help is experiencing contrast to gain clarity.)
  21. I believe in happy endings and happiness.
  22. I believe that self-discovery is a sacred path, that creating and finding joy in living is its purpose.
  23. I believe feeling good is our guide to knowing we’re connected to Source, that we’re on our path. 
  24. I believe some things, difficult, challenging, pivotal experiences, are part of our soul path—by divine design…and that maybe we were in on the planning of it…
  25. Free will is always ours. 
  26. Love is always ours.
  27. I believe there will always be more to learn and figure out and play with.  And I hold onto all of these thoughts loosely, as they, too, may evolve with more time, experience, and perspective.

Blessings and much love,

Anne Wondra

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