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To write is a powerful act, once forbidden of us.

To write a prayer–this was a grievous and holy thing. The act itself of writing evoked powers, often divine, but sometimes unstable, that entered the letters and sent a mysterious animating force rippling through the ink.

The Book of Longings, Sue Monk Kidd

Luxury or Lifeline?

Daily things we take for granted; to write, read, speak, pour our thoughts to voice; someone to share them with–to be heard, witnessed; to laugh, dance, play, and create. Can you imagine a life without books? without phones, computers, internet? without social interaction?

How many once-considered luxuries or frivolous–abilities, acts, freedoms, friendships, conveniences, services, items–are lifelines of your heart and soul?

Raise Your Standards

Supportive Structures During Coaching

The opposite of holding true to our standards (i.e., heart-and-soul needs and requirements) is settling for less. … to go along to get along; not make waves; stay where you are; smaller than your heart and soul know you to be.

The backlash of adding and holding high personal standards and boundaries is that you’ll be called selfish and ridiculed, and you won’t be liked by some; you won’t fit in. It’s gets lonely. You’ll be tempted to settle … unless you’re way past that part.

I know one person can make a difference–can be a lifeline– between staying small, shy, and believing we’re ugly, and tapping great courage to move forward and believe, trust, differently. I’m here because of someone like that…


In order to help someone…, you’ve got to adjust your vibrational frequency so that they can hear you. And if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not adjust our vibrational frequency down—ever. We would not introduce more resistance in our vibration for any reason whatsoever, because disconnecting yourself from resources does not give them more to eat.

Excerpted from Tarrytown, NY on 10/9/04 |

Every one of us has self-improvement and happiness desires. .. our own vision of a perfect life. It’s human nature.

Coaches get placed in that Luxury category. … unless you’re talking football and athletes. I believe Life coaches are greatly underutilized Lifelines.

In addition to all our perfect-life endeavors and already-in-process personal-growing soul work, we are social-distancing from one another. It’s common to feel mixed emotions; loss, isolated from loved ones. Thoughts, dreams, ideas play; a bit of restless, uncertain energy. In chaos, there’s a desire for order, meaning, peace.

You can light a candle or curse the darkness.

A life coach is a light to help see opportunities and what IS possible: unexpected time, and channels for it. Sorting, reading, writing, clearing, re-storying, personal growing. In chaos, there’s a desire for order, meaning, peace.

Lifelines, inner workings witnesses.

We’re taken inward; we’re learning more about ourselves. Unease and change can lead to inspiration, to motivation, to a creative catalyst… How we choose and what we focus on, will be only our own story to live, feel, experience.

We can’t live someone else’s life; only ours.

We are born with innate creating, growing, and healing abilities, including our thoughts, breath, and energy. They’re ours to use as we need them.

quote calligraphy under cup of lemon tea
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“High Personal Standards” re-commit one to their own well-being and to showing up now, already, as the best model of who their heart and soul calls them to be. In my work, nothing says one can’t also have FUN and find JOY in this. Life is a great adventure…and mine requires Laughter, Play, and a Happy Soul.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, that would be our dominant quest: Entertaining Yourself, pleasing Yourself, connecting with Yourself, being Yourself, enjoying Yourself, loving Yourself. Some say, “Well, Abraham you teach selfishness.” And we say, yes we do, yes we do, yes we do, because unless you are selfish enough to reach for that connection, you don’t have anything to give anyone, anyway. And when you are selfish enough to make that connection—you have an enormous gift that you give everywhere you are.

Excerpted from San Antonio, TX on 4/21/01 |

How to find a life coach

Google is an obvious answer. When you start looking, though, it’s also likely one will show up or come to your attention. You know how it happens when you start to think about buying a different car: All of a sudden, you start noticing cars, where before, they were invisible. When the student is ready, the teacher shows up. Pay attention, as a curious observer, and see where you’re drawn.

Trust your instincts. Life coaches have specialized expertise. Every one of them I know had careers, schooling, studies, past lives, before they were life coaches. They bring, and you get to tap, all of that–in addition to their life coaching expertise. Visit their websites, get to know them on social media, try them out.

Find someone you feel good about, who’s energy is comfortable, approachable, uplifting to you. We all have spidey senses that go way beyond brain logic.

How to begin working with a life coach.

Begin where it feels easy and you’re drawn forward. Maybe it’s a club, class, or program they’re offering. These are usually group opportunities. For one-to-one private sessions, most have a way to schedule an appointment on their website or social media page.


There is no industry price chart in life coaching, like there is in medical procedures and pharmaceuticals. Like the education industry, there’s variety and something for everyone’s budget.

This means: 1. Prices vary, a lot. 2. There may be more options than listed on one’s website. Never let fear of their price be the factor that stops you from exploring further.

When it is someone you’re truly drawn to work with, find a way. Chances are in your favor that they have a product, program, service offering that fits your budget.

One more tip

How do you want to feel?

It’s a bottom-line question–both in your working partnership with a coach; and in your daily life, and choices you make to feel that way.

And we come back to where we started: Lifeline or Luxury?

YOUR Soul’s Lifelines

Is it writing? making something? spending time in nature? reading? Take note what your Soul needs. Prioritize time and space for them. Wherever your Soul and Spirit are fed, those are your lifelines. Doesn’t matter what they look like to somebody else.

Here’s to lifelines of our soul, wings to our heart’s desires, and spirit guides yet to come.

Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit

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