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Self-discovery is a sacred path; finding Joy in living is its purpose.

We all want to know who we are. We want to find our purpose and life path. We want to know how we work, and the secrets to our success. We want to be happy.

Today’s research Muse revisited Human Design…opening a book, long gathering dust on my bookshelf, unread–until today. I’m not sure why today; only that it beckoned, and I’ve learned to listen, just go with it. The book: Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.

If you haven’t ever printed your free Human Design bodygraph chart, I highly recommend it. Printed and saved mine years ago, when it was used in part for a compatibility assessment process for a travel partner role I applied for (and got).

Fascinating, and beyond self-knowledge–although, spot-on and affirming in what I was reading today. There are workplace and family / parent-child / relationship compatibility applications, as well.

Back then, I didn’t go much deeper than to know there are four Types in Human Design and that I was a Type called Projector. Other Types are Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting-Generator, and Reflector.

Today, with chart and book in hand, I explored and played. …

Waiting in the wings. Waiting for the spotlight. Waiting to be invited. This is the essence of a Projector’s life. … I often tease Projectors that it’s important to have a comfortable armchair to fall into without guilt or shame when nothing is happening. You must learn to enjoy the lulls in life and embrace the part of your nature that makes you more spectator than chief player. You are born guides and managers and make ideal leaders, organizers, coaches, and administrators, overseeing everything. You come into your own when steering, shaping, and driving the people and energy around you. The truth is that some people don’t know how to use their energy without your objective assistance.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get drawn into the thick of the action yourself, but for that action to be fulfilling, you first require recognition in the form of an invitation. This is the chief component of your nature. … Recognition and invitation light up your being, and it’s important for non-projectors to understand this.

Chetan Parkyn, Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be

He used Mick Jagger as an example, waiting in the wings, until called on stage to do his thing. This is what Projectors do–they tap into, ride, and guide the energy of others … then flake out after short bursts.

So today, I was in that armchair reading… taking care of what’s healthy and vital to my energy and innate human-design model.

Its not a flaw; its a feature.

Want to learn more about your nature? Use the design Calculator tool to create your chart (based on your date / place / time of birth) and go on your own self-discovery research reading adventure. Website links above get you started; books too. Or reach out to my friend Martha who uses Human Design in her coaching-counseling-consulting work–same one who did that compatibility assessment with us for that travel partner role.

Enjoy and be happy,


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