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Adolescent behavior studies were part of my college coursework in secondary education (grades 7-12 teaching), spiritual studies, and youth ministry certification (parish youth minister). I was already interested and experienced in the subject.

Pre-coach prep

After several years in parish ministry, I was hired in corporate human resources, where again, my work included training and development–and well being–of human potential. Fascinating how skills transferred well: kids were a little bigger; behaviors were still there. More than once, I coached colleagues in navigating challenging interpersonal dynamics, creatively and constructively.

I continued to learn and study human development and behavior, including training courses and experience in peer mediation, coaching for development in workplaces, and completing a masters certification in human resource management.

My interest in, and awareness of, behavior patterns, though, began much earlier in a previous paralegal career–a seminar on domestic abuse, and a keeper list of questions–behavior-based indicator questions–to ask our self about any relationship we were in. Some indicated a healthy, mature relationship behavior; others were warnings of danger ahead.

I kept that list, added to it, and used it–both professionally and personally. (50-Question-Keeper List is part of relationship rules and a client resource.)

Getting Older is not always Growing Up

Adolescent behaviors–like controlling tactics, bullying, shouting, name-calling, swearing, arrogance, disrespect, lying, blaming–are not always left behind in childhood. There are carry-overs into workplaces, families, and social places, too. And they’re dangerous, harmful. Just because there aren’t bruises showing, doesn’t mean nobody was hurt.

Some age without maturing; without evolving their character and behavior in ways we associate with adulthood and responsible citizenship, with professionalism or appropriateness, with common decency and higher personal standards and ethics.

Calling us all to our Greatness, here…. Evolving, becoming, developing our human potential–not because of some ‘boss’ somewhere; rather, because we’re being pulled by something that rings our bells, piques our curiosity, makes our heart sing…

Bad-apple behavior naming and Navigating

It’s not our work to change someone else. We can’t; only they can.

It is our work and responsibility to take care of our self and our own well being. Companies are charged to provide a safe workplace–that includes an emotionally unsafe place.

Coach’s resource books

Corporate work is not my everyday playground anymore. My bookshelf, though, still has resources of those days–that given what I know about skills transferring well and people– I think will offer useful insight into naming behaviors, constructive navigating, personal self-care, and professional guidance.

Life and soul-path work

I see through a different lens than most; that each of us is on a very specific Life and Soul Path…with Something Inside of us calling us to Grow into our Greatness.

Some who are actively IN the game (and love my vision sense), call me as a witness, resource, and creative co-conspiritress in their amazing self-realizing adventure. It’s always such uniquely personal greatness creating and growing.

Others are stuck in whining and complaining, or oblivious, or just living their life exactly as they need to and being where they need to be for now. All good; all places and experiences, on very personal life and soul paths. … although, whiners and complainers–in any game–don’t get far with a coach… (and that’s where therapists come in.)

Enough for now; nice outside… off to play outside… Sunshine, fresh air, walking outdoors, breathing easy and deep, love… things a joyous life and soul are made of.

Much love, always. – Anne Wondra

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