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Everyday people need coaches too, not just executives.
The average hourly rate for coaches is $205; For now mine is $75.
My intention is to make coaching available to everyday people–because I was and am one of those everyday people coaching made a difference for. In times like now particularly, people need to see possibilities and opportunities and receive support in their strides to appreciate the NOW.
In a world of technology, traffic, and ready information, people still feel alone, energy-drained, unappreciated, and starved for affirmation and support to help them see opportunity, focus on what matters, and ENJOY living.
And yes, we are tired of being sold to. We want someone who sees us and what’s good about us; the parts we’ve lost touch with, the essential elements of who we are and why we’re here.
Some have an employer who will fund coaching as a training or professional development investment. (Never hurts to ask.) Some prefer not to have their employer involved.
Coaching is often about the personal side of success–our beliefs and world view about ourselves and those we work with. We are masters in the roles we play. And underneath, many still perceive themselves to be frauds and afraid of being found out. We don’t see our natural beauty or the talent we take for granted. Our spirits are wounded, and we are trying to find our greatness and why we are here. That’s how I help.
I’m a farmer’s daughter and I understand that a cost of living increases don’t come for everyone each year. And I have that business, entrepreneurial spirit with a mix of spirit, business, human resources, and education in my background. And I have a heart, common sense, and a sense of fun. And I’m a muse–all about art and soul and living well, a playful spirit.
I choose to work with those who are changing and growing, or ready for a change; desiring to become more sure of themselves, confident, and beautiful in who they are, ready to step forward with intention.
So no more excuses. Are you ready for more? Wellness Incentive coupons are gifted to each new VIP News Notes member, and I offer classes, group coaching, and home-study options to fit needs and budgets.
Properties of Money to remember
Money is meant to flow, like water in a stream. We exchange money for something of value. And when we feel the exchange is fair, and we genuinely ENJOY and APPRECIATE the service or item or privilege we’ve received in exchange for that money, we FEEL GOOD about spending it. Think about when you’ve really enjoyed spending money. What did you buy? Even paying your bills. Do you appreciate the electricity you use every day? How about the use of your phone or car or the internet? Money is meant to flow. And it can flow TO us just as easily.
Money likes being paid attention to. Pay it GOOD attention. What we resist, persists. And what we think about, we bring about. How many ways can you and a friend think of to have more money flowing to you? Easily, enjoyably. And spending money? Easily, enjoyably.
Money is an exchange of value. Feel good exchanging money for something you value. Appreciate, and enjoy the benefits of it. I want learning, personal growth time with a coach to be one of those exchanges you feel really good about.

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