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About coaches

About Coaches

There are some things you may or may not know about coaches.

Coaches came into this world with a heart and soul to help humanity—and other living things too. They are empowering and inspiring guides, teachers, healers, light workers, creative thinkers, intuitives, artists, bridge builders, and a lot of other descriptive titles. They are soul-preneurs, meaning the work they do, the profession they are in, everything about them, comes from their heart, somewhere inside; some would say a calling. For them, it is a natural inclination to support the best in others.

Imagine the impact if you have someone like this in your support circle on a regular basis, someone who naturally supports the best in you and holds that vision for you…and helps you live it. They change lives.

What would you like to accomplish? How would it feel? What ‘old you stuff’ would you leave behind, and without guilt? Relationships and work could come easier; maybe money too. Who are the coaches in your life?

More next time …

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