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April is earth awareness month. I wonder what happens to all that Round-up chemical stuff we put on lawns and fields and gardens this time of year? And what does it do to the birds, the water, the wildlife, the worms, and all the good bugs that are needed to prepare and keep the soil fertile? And what’s it doing to us? There has to be a better way and we have to find it.
What do you care about? Nature, beauty, life, air, water, animals, songbirds, wildlife, children? Preserve and care for it…yourself too. Keep it healthy, happy, alive, and green.
Toxic Brew special report
Food Inc. and Food Matters
Non-toxic Alternatives to explore. There are others too. Learn more and become more earth aware.
Permaculture and sustainability
Household Cleaner Products and personal care
Melaleuca – contact
Young Living
Health Food Stores
Good Harvest MarketEarth Day April 24
Nature’s Garden – Get on this woman’s mailing list…amazing family and food wisdom, humor too

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